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Monday, June 10, 2024

Celebrating A Distinguished Hotelier @ 60: Rotarian Sunday Adetayo Oyeyemi


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Celebrating A Distinguished Hotelier @ 60: Rotarian Sunday  Adetayo  Oyeyemi

By: Charles Segun Adegbite

Diamond birthday comes once in the lifetime of anyone who attained it. This informed the reason Rotarian Sunday Adetayo Oyeyemi, President of Hotelier Association of Nigeria, HAN, Sagamu, Chairman of Adebola Hotels and CEO of Samoye Golden Heritage  Ventures, Sagamu, Ogun State,  threw a party in celebration of his 60th birthday somedays ago , having joined the club of Sexagenarians on 24 May, 2024.

What else would you expect from a man who has seen life from many perspectives for six decades? He has survived a lot of ups and downs, experienced joy and sorrow, health and sickness within his 60years of sojourning in this odd world.


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Time was when things were so tough for him as a teacher, when teachers were being owed accumulated salaries, during late General Sani Abacha's autocratic military regime, that he had to quit teaching profession for him to survive.

That in all the life vicissitudes he remains healthy, strong and alive to see his 60th year on Earth ; when many people among whom he started his life race together with on Sunday 24th May, 1964, are either dead or alive but not in good conditions today, Sunnepa therefore has the cause to celebrate and glorify God.

In view of that, he organised the classy party where different classes of people came to rejoice with him.


Rotarian Oyeyemi, President of Hotelier Association of Nigeria, HAN, Sagamu, Chairman of Adebola Hotels and Adebola Guests House, CEO of Samoye,  is a seasoned hotelier, certified teacher,  business administrator and key player in hospitality business in Ogun State.


He attended St Paul’s Primary School, Simawa(1970-1976) and Makun High School, both in Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and West African School Certificate(1985) respectively.

He was later schooled at the then Ogun State College of Education (now Tai Sholarin University of Education), Ijebu Ode, between 1986 and 1989, where he became a certified teacher.

His thirst for business education and administrative skills led to his academic adventure into Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, where he bagged Bachelors degree in Business Administration.


After bagging the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) he embarked on teaching career in secondary school at his alma mater; Makun High School.

After few years of practicing he had to leave when Nigeria’s political imbroglio caused by the annulment of June 12, 1993 Presidential election, lingered in the mid-1990s, and plunged the country into economic strangulation.

As the adverse effects continued on the citizenry, with teachers becoming some of the major victims, through failure to pay them their accumulated owed salaries, he applied the Principle of Maneuvering, by navigating the ship of his life out of the education sector; bearing in mind that he who is afraid to shake the dice will never throw six.

He consequently worked in a few establishments with the conviction that nothing ventured nothing gained.

During his job sojourns and adventures in a few sectors, he landed in hotel industry and developed strong interest in it.

To be a good player in the sector however, he attended many courses for training and retraining. This enabled him to work in various capacities in the hospitality business.

The experiences he garnered over the years in hotel management as an employee spurred him to establish his own Adebola Guest House, which later expanded to Adebola Hotel.

His passion for the business led to his active involvement in the hoteliers’ association activities. And this led to his serving HAN in diffent capacities, both at the zonal and state levels, even during Southwest regional programs of the association.

In recognition of his commitment to the association, he was given a honorary title of NANA by Hoteliers Association of Greater Accra in Ghana, for some of his activities in the industry.

In January 2020, he was not only given award and special gift, but also presented with certificate along with other executive members by the Sagamu branch of HAN . He was eulogised for the series of things he has done to keep the association going and waxing stronger.

He effectually got elected as the Chairman of HAN for Sagamu Zone.


As a socialite who is also a key player in the hospitality business, Oyeyemi joined Rotary Club with his sociable heart and immersed himself in humanitarian services in Sagamu and its environs.

His leadership qualities, administrative competence, coupled with his diligence led to his election as President of the great club in Sagamu. And during his presidential tenure he proved his leadership acumen.

“I have learnt again that if you’re doing anything that is good and nobody is praising you; and instead of praises some are even condemning you, don’t be discouraged. Just continue to do that good thing, because some people are watching you. They may not talk; the day you least expected, the issue will be pointed out or rewarded”


Oyeyemi who has been in the sector now for about 30years, said he has learnt another life lessons.

“I have learnt again that if you’re doing anything that is good and nobody is praising you; and instead of praises some are even condemning you, don’t be discouraged. Just continue to do that good thing, because some people are watching you. They may not talk; the day you least expected, the issue will be pointed out or rewarded”


He is married to his heartthrob, Princess Olufunke Oyeyemi, and the union is blessed with children.


The diamond birthday was a gathering of top hoteliers in Ogun State, leaders and members of Rotary Club in Sagamu, politicians and political office holders, clergymen, his old school mates, family members, friends and associates.

Top on the list of the hoteliers was the Ogun State President of Hoteliers Association of Nigeria (HAN) Otunba Segun Timi.  Of course, the Chairman of HAN for Abeokuta Zone; Basorun Segun Oyebolu, Ota Zonal Chairman of HAN; Alh Sunkanmi Afolabi, and the Chairman of the Caretaker  Committee of Ogun HAN; Ven. Wole Ogunbowale were also there.

On the list of Rotary Club members present there were a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Aremo Kayode Samuel Owolabi, the Chairman of Rotary Club, Ikenne Remo Zone, Alhaji Fatai Oduyebo, President and members of the Rotary Club, Sagamu Central.

Members of his alma mater's union, Makun High School Old Students Association (MAHSOSA), were led there by the National Secretary of the Caretaker Committee, Mr Kayode Somorin.

Clergymen like Reverend Alex Adeola and Pastor Yinka  Alimi also attended.

The roll call also included members of Sagamu Young Men Helpers Union, members of his Oyeyemi family and those of Olaleye  Family from Ilaro, Ogun State, friends and associates from diffent part of the country.

Likewise the family members of his spouse; the Orukotans of Sagamu, were not left out. His childhood friends like: Mr Dauda Oso, Hon Niyi Sojinrin (Secretary of Ijebu North local govt) Mr kunle Oduneye, and many others, were also present.


While the Master of Ceremony, MC, stylishly thrilled the guests with series of humour, he called the children and the wife and the guests who will want to testify about what they know about the man Sunnepa.


His pastor testified about how he one day  surprised him with a costly mobile property.
His son who spoke on behalf of the children, testified about the good fatherly roles their father plays. He urged the guests to help him in clapping for his good father.

His eldest daughter couldn't conseal what she had in mind to say about her father. So she sought audience to talk and got it.
She described her father as the best dad who always cared for them. According to her, even after she got married he would still be asking after her welfare as if she was still leaving under him.

The wife's testimony was what amused everybody most, when she said, "He is a real man. He satisfies me in all ways, from all angles. Gbogbo nkan ti mo fe, lofi ntemi lorun(he satisfies me with everything I want)."

Of course, this arose the attention of guests who nodded their heads with smiles and gave kudos to her husband, that he could get.

Otunba Timi,  who was the chairman of the occasion, disclosed how Mr Oyeyemi chose him to be the chairman of the occasion during his 50th birthday, 10years ago. Again he chose him to be the chairman of the occasion for this 60th birthday.

This, according to him, was another proof of how close they are to each other. He disclosed some of the virtues this celebrant possessed that he cherishes in him. His organizational ability, his loyalty and straightforwardness, his industriousness, among others.

He prayed that God will give him long life and good health to celebrate 70, 80, 90 and many more years, as he desires.

The cutting of the birthday cake followed, under the supervision of chairman of the occasion. Needless to talk of the winning and dinning that have been going on simultaneously from the beginning of the program .
The cutting of the cake then followed, which was done under the officiation of the Chairman of the occasion. And the presentation of gifts and snapping of photos then followed.

When, it was dancing time, you ought to have been there to see how good the celebrant was in dancing. Of course, his guests rallied round him, dancing with him in turns, to do the needful things that make celebration complete in this part of the world.

This, without mincing words, made his joy to be full and let the Diamond Birthday a memorable day he would continue to remember for many years.

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