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Monday, December 25, 2023

Ogun monarch, Oba Gbadamosi commends Everest Metal Nigeria Ltd On Crisis Management...As Company Holds Year-End Party.

Ogun monarch, Oba Gbadamosi commends Everest Metal Nigeria Ltd On Crisis Management.
..As Company Holds Year-End Party.

By Charles Segun Adegbite

     The Ologijo of Ogijo Kingdom in Sagamu Local Government Area, Ogun State,  His Royal Majesty, Oba Kareem Olaonipekun Gbadamosi (Okuselu 1), has commended the management of Everest Metal Nigeria Limited(EMNL) for the proper management of the recent crisis that hit the company.

The EMNL is a leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metal located along Ikorodu-Sagamu Road, Ogijo area of Ogun State, which focuses on production of refined lead, lead alloy ingots, aluminium alloy Ingots and Copper Ingots.

       The Ologijo, a first class Oba, made the commendation during the 2023 Christmas and Year-end party organised by the management on Saturday, December 23, to appreciate the workers contribution to the success of the company's goals for the year.

     The monarch was actually referring to the unfortunate death of four of the company's staff members who died in November on different days within a week in their various houses. It was allegedly reported out of mischief by a blogger, thereby arresting the attention of government and other stakeholders.


  Oba Gbadamosi, who came to the Christmas/ Year-end party with his queen , Olori Taiwo Olabisi Gbadamosi, said, "I will like to congratulate the company for taking a prompt action when the incident happened.

"That was the reason why it did not necessitate my coming to this factory when the incident happened because if I had come, the matter would have been escalated.

  "But for the prompt action of the management, I congratulate the company for the job well done in handling the crisis.

  "In everywhere you go in life there will always be crisis. It's the way you handle it, that's what matters most. That's why once again I'm congratulating you, Everest Metal Nigeria Limited, for handling that crisis in a prompt and decisive way". He explained.

Oba Gbadamosi also gave kudos to the company's management for organising a medical outreach for its staff shortly after the crisis.

   According to the Ologijo, "The management of Everest Metal took it upon itself to organise a medical outreach, which I also heard about and said I was going to visit, to see how far the medical outreach was going.

      " I believe everyone that's seated here benefited from the medical outreach," he added.

    He told the gathering that he was sure the management of the company was going to make it a regular social responsibility program for the staff, even more than it has been doing yearly for the hosting communities around it.

      "I will like to thank the management of the Everest Metal Nigeria Limited for what the company has been doing to the people in their immediate environment.

   "I'm well aware of what they have done, what they are still doing and what they are still planning to do, to people in their immediate environment. I thank you also for this," he added.


Going by his words, he has spoken with some of the major companies in Ogijo on the need for their Human Resources Managers to meet and come out with programmes that can benefit not only their immediate environment, but the entire Ogijo Land.

  He said: "Ogijo is a big land. It stretches all the way to Isuboyede, Ifakale, Gbara, Ita Oluwo. So we have a very large land space to cover.

  "I have spoken to some of these companies. And I have directed their HR Managers to meet together and come up with a massive programme that can benefit not only your immediate environment but the entire Ogijo Land.

"It could be in form of a medical outreach. It could be a project or anything. But that, I'm leaving for the HR Managers to decide." He explained further.

     According to him, there are a lot of community social responsibility activities being organised by different companies. And they're being enjoyed by people in their immediate environment, but they're not being extended to the generality of the people in other parts of Ogijo environment.

       "While some people are mesmerising in the luxury of the companies around them, people in some of the other areas who have no companies around them are complaining that these companies are not doing anything. Whereas I know that these companies are doing for some communities around you," the monarch said, to justify his request.

    In his message to the staff of Everest Metal Nigeria Limited and other companies, Oba Gbadamosi encourage them to continue to cooperate and support the management teams of the companies.

     "We have to remember that we need these companies just as they need us. Without them, we won't have a place to work; just as without us they won't be able to perform to their optimal performance." He said bluntly.

  He charged the staff members to continue to maintain the cordial relationship with the management of the company.

   He gave kudos to the Human Resources Manager of the company, Prince Enoch Adebayo Akinde for his relentless efforts in getting in touch with him constantly on phone, to ensure he attend this Year-end party.

Oba Gbadamosi also commended the spokesman for the Oruku and Ipetoro communities, Pastor Noel Rufus for his efforts in ensuring good relationship between the company and the communities.

     He disclosed that Pastor Rufus is the engineer of the community social responsibility activities being carried out in the environment. He congratulated him and his CDA members for their relentless contributions and his outstanding performance.
    He expressed his delight in the programme, which he said started about three years ago. And also advised the workers not to take the privilege for granted, but to put in their best by contributing more for the progress of the company, so that in 2024 they can have a better year-end party, with a lot of dividends for them.
   He then gave his royal blessings by praying for the organization, its management team and the entire staff.

    His queen, Olori Gbadamosi, who was at the year-end party for the first time, was cheered up by the workers as she mesmerised everyone with her sweet and cool voice while greeting them "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance".  Her fascinating King's English, spoken in a way that depicts a person who has spent her entire life in England, was the cause of the cheering up.

  Earlier in his welcome address, the Human Resources/Administration  Manager, Prince Akinde expressed sincere appreciation for the commitment of the staff members and assured them that the company will continue to take the welfare of her staff as being paramount in the coming year.

      Speaking on behalf of the Managing Director of the company, Mr Vikas Das Chandra, Prince Akinde said, "Although there's a disruption in the organization of the year-end party a couple of years ago because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the company,

  "This morning I heard one of the staff members saying Everest Metal doesn't organise Christmas Party every year. On behalf of the management of this company we want to assure you that it will now become a normal event every year.

   "We sincerely appreciate all of you, for your commitments in the last one year. You know we have done this about two, three years ago. Then there's the COVID-19 pandemic challenges that caused the disruption".

Speaking further, he told them that the COVID-19 has gone. And that it will never come again. "We want to assure you that the management of Everest Metal Nigeria Limited cares for you. And in the coming year, we're going to do more. We're going to make sure the welfare of our staff, we look after it.

    "Just feel free with the management. The new year, 2024, is going to be a good year. So, once again I welcome you all. May God bless you," he said.

   The Business Development Manager, Mr Naresh Gupta, had earlier welcomed the royal couple to the function in his short message, and felicitated with the entire staff and management of the company on the Christmas party and the year-end celebration.

     In his welcome message earlier, the Senior Manager, Mr Sanjay Das expressed his appreciation of the workers contribution in the year, after welcoming the Ogijo monarch and his wife.
    "I will like to thank you all for your contributions throughout the year. May God bless you, give you prosperity and peace of mind." He said.

       Prince Akinde, in his response to the Monarch's speech earlier, has thanked him for his word of encouragement and prayers, and expressed optimism that next year events will be far better than this.
      The event was an occasion for dining, wining, dancing and jubilations, with side attractions like jokes and all that, which added a lot of fun to the programme.

    Present at the event were: Mr Shyam Sander (Accounts Manager), Mr Debo Fashoro, Mr Ayodele Bankole , among others.

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