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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Prince Adebayo Akinde Embarks On Free Health Mission To Save Lives In Ado Odo

Prince Adebayo Akinde Embarks On Free Health Mission To Save Lives In Ado Odo

        Prince Enoch Adebayo Akinde

By Charles Segun Adegbite

As early as 7:30am, the people of Ado Odo, have began to gather for a programme that was scheduled to start by 9:00am. They wanted free medical checkup;  to know the state of their health.

 They also wanted to benefit from the free drugs and medicated eye glasses being provided by Bankole Arubo Family of Okewaye, at the Bankole Arubo family house, Badagry Road, Okewaye, Ado-Odo, in Ado Odo-Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The good and quick response from the people proofed right the decision of the man behind the Free Health Programme, Pastor Enoch Adebayo Akinde, a prince from Bankole Arubo Family of Okewaye in Ado Odo, who is also a leading contestant for the vacant throne of Olofin Adimula of Ado Odo.

Of course, his involvement in the Obaship contest was not the main reason for sponsoring the health programme. As the Pastor in Charge of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Breakthrough Zone, Ogun Province 5, Region 12, Ogun State, he believes whatever seed a man sows into the lives of others, God will reward him, whether it's good or bad seed. 

Apart from his generous lifestyle and willingness to help as many as he has the means to assist, his eagerness to affect lives positively are some of the virtues Pastor Akinde is known for. 

This apparently explained the reason for being worried by the deficiency of standard hospital and necessary health facilities for good health service delivery in that his ancestral town, Ado Odo. 

So, on Friday, January 13, 2023, Prince Akinde led a team of 10 medical personnel from Sagamu and other places to the town, for provision of the Free Medical Check Up; and to give Free Drugs and 100 Medicated Eye Glasses for those who needed them.

The medical team members were lodged in a good hotel in a neighboring town, to enable them reach Ado Odo town very early, the following morning, and arrive at the venue of the programme before 7am, so that they could arrange their medical equipment and the drugs ahead of patients' arrival.

Like a much awaited programme, men, women, youths and children; all came for the medical check-up. The artisans, civil servants, students and aged, all came in turns, that Saturday, 14th January; even before the programme commenced by 9am. 


Prior to the commencement of the programme at the venue, a couple of the medical team, led by Dr David Rasaki, went to a foremost educationist and octogenarian community leader in the neighborhood who holds the chieftaincy title of Asoju Oba of Ado Odo, Chief Benedict Ademola Adekunle, as a way of honouring him, by making him the first to be given the free medical check-up and the necessary drugs.

Suffice to disclose how happy the old man felt, for being honoured with such home delivery medical service that was free and even had no involvement of government or any donor agency in its sponsorship.

In expressing his appreciation, the Asoju Oba of Ado Odo, said: "What this man is doing is very good. But do you know that I have never seen this man, Adebayo Akinde, in my life? I wish to see him. But by the grace of God I will see him today

"This is the type of things our people out there should be coming home to do in this our Bethlehem. A rural area like this is a Bethlehem. He came from a far distance town to do this, without being told. This is the type of person we want". 

"This is the type of things that can bring rapid development to our town; because a healthy people is a wealthy people and a healthy town is a wealthy town. Please, explain my gratitude to him. I heard that he is one of the contestants for the Olofin Adimula throne. Tell him I appreciate this. And I wish to see him," he said.

Immediately after leaving Chief Adekunle's house, the medical team returned to the venue of the programme to continue attending to the patients who have been waiting for their arrival.

People began thronging the place in turns. As those who have been attended to, were leaving the venue, others were arriving.

Some people even came as far as from Otta, to benefit from the programme.


Of course, the place was departmentalised into different sections, with each of the 10-Members Medical Team, rendering their services as expected of them.

The team members were: Dr David Rasaki(the lead Doctor), Dr E.O. Buraimoh (Optometrist), Oluwaseun Adeniji (Pharmacist), Aderonke Titilope Ojo (Nurse), Mary David (Nurse), Oluwaseyi Fakayode (Optician), Toyin Ajayi, Oluwakemi Adedayo and Omotayo Aderemi (medical laboratory personnel), Soji Oyegunle (Patients Registration Assistant).  

Apart from the medical team, there were other people whose services were deployed to achieve the goals.

Different kinds of tests, such as: Blood Sugar Test, HIV Test, Blood Pressure, Malaria Test, Hepatitis Test and Eye Test, were carried out.

While those with eye problem were screened and given medicated eye glasses with drugs, those whose cases were already beyond what could be treated there were advised to seek complete medical attention in a general or specialist hospital, for better treatment.

 Likewise, those who tested positive for other health issues, were either given drugs or advised to seek more appropriate medical attention, in hospital for advanced medical examination and treatments.

The programme which they had thought would not be held beyond 1pm, couldn't end until after 4pm. And not less than 400 patients were attended to.


While Speaking on the motives behind the organisation of the programme, Prince Akinde said, "This is a programme that we have been organising for many years in Sagamu, where we reside . 

"But we realized that it's time we shift the programme to our roots; the place where we were born"
. He explained.

 Our mission and motives are: to touch lives. To be a blessing to the people in terms of making sure they are attended to.

We look at our community and realized that there is no medical facilities at all. The town seems to have been abandoned by the government. We don't have a standard hospital here. 



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So, it's going to be one of the major things we are going to look at and face, as a town, for our people to remain healthy, and live healthy life.

We are going to call on our people all over, outside the town, the state and in the diaspora generally, to encourage them to come support the empowerment and development programmes.


 According to Prince Akinde, the program is a kind of synergetic efforts with like-minded people.

 " I have friends, colleagues, that used to be part of the programme. And coming to the case of our community, some of my childhood friends who are medical doctors, accountants, who are outside the town, are also interested in this. So, we're in together. 


He noted that the programme should be

"an annual event, as we have been doing it before in Sagamu. We feel the strong reasons to start doing it here, especially now that I am a contestant in the vacant throne of Olofin Adimula of Ado Odo.

" I think, we don't have to wait until we are enthroned before giving back to our people. If we have been doing it elsewhere, why not start it here, for our people to benefit from the programme? That's what led to this maiden edition of the programme here, " he disclosed.


He noted that "About N1million was spent on the project. These include cost of drugs, the personnel, canopies, chairs, tables and other logistics.and necessary logistics; which cost about N700,000:00. 

 "The medicated eye glasses cost N250,000:00. The transportation expenses, lodging of the medical team and other personnel in a nearby hotel on Friday night when they arrived, and other miscellaneous expenses made the total expenditures to be about a million Naira plus." He added.


Those who benefited from the programme expressed appreciation to the organisers of the project and gratitude for such initiative from Prince Akinde. 

Many, however, did not even know that he was the one who sponsored and organised it, because his name and picture were not in the banners hang in public places for the program.

Apart from wearing a simple attire that won't let many people notice his presence, he didn't give people the impression that he was the one behind it.

All people could see on the banners was Bankole Arubo Family of Okewaye. According to him, he didn't want people to have the impression that he was doing it because of the obaship contest, since he has been doing it in other places outside this his home town for some years, without any ulterior motives.

While testifying his impression about the programme, the Managing Director of Sheriff Security & Cleanright LTD, Dr Hyland Ayanchie, who also came on a solidarity visit to the venue,  said "As a medical doctor by training, I'm impressed with the way they organised it. The medical check-up, drugs administration and distribution of eye glasses, are commendable. 

 "One could see that the people are excited. The children, the elderly people, women and men, youth; everyone is happy, as you can see yourself. And there is no rowdiness."

 "You can see that this is the kind of initiative that people expect from, and cherish in a leader. Being proactive. Not waiting until he receives news about people dying before thinking of emergency solution to the health crisis. 

"You can see that this man, Prince Akinde, has emotional intelligence. He knows that with lack of any standard hospital in a town like this, the people would definitely be having a lot of health crises. He knows that starting with this kind of free medical check-up would not only help him solve part of the people's problems, but enable him know the state of the health challenges and know what to do in future to address the problem." He explained.

A woman who simply identified herself as Iya Bimpe, couldn't hide her joy. "When I heard about the programme, I thought that it was government or politicians that were behind it, until I got here before discovering that it was a succour from a kindhearted member of the Bankole Arubo Family. 

"They conducted Blood Sugar Test on me. They checked my Blood Pressure and my eyes were also examined. They thereafter gave me drugs and eye glasses. In fact, for that eye glasses alone, I am so grateful. I have been desiring to get the glasses, but I couldn't buy it, because it was expensive for me, " he said further.

One female civil servant, who simply identified herself as Mrs Dolapo, claimed she travelled down there from Otta very early that day and arrived before 8am. She specifically came for the eye glasses, because of some challenges she was facing. 


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She was full of joy, because her coming would have been in vain without getting the drugs and glasses, in view of the amount of money she spent on transportation to get there and the efforts made.

According to her, "I didn't know the person who organised the programme, but I heard rumours from someone who directed me to the venue, that the sponsor is one of the contestants for the throne of the Olofin of Ado Odo. 

" The man is popular for being very kind, God fearing, trustworthy and very humble. Although I have not met him before, with all I have heard about him, he is the type of person I pray God should give us in this town as an Oba. 

"If truly he is the one who sponsored the program, then he knows the challenges of our people, and knows what to do to handle and alleviate such challenges. May God bless him for these things he has done. I really appreciate it." She added.

Another patient said: "My name is Fatoki Fatai. I'm a secondary school student. I came to see the doctor and the opthalmologist because my eyes always turn red. And I always have headache. After they conducted some tests on me, they gave me drugs for malaria, headache, and others, with eye drops and eye glasses.

 "Although I don't know the person that organised the free medical services, but God knows him. I only read on the banner that Bankole Arubo Family of Okewaye. May God continue to bless the person who sponsored the program because this eye glasses will help me a lot in reading my books. In fact, I'm so grateful." He explained with joy.



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The head of the medical team, Dr Rasaki, in an intimate conversation said, "My coming to Ado Odo for this kind of assignment is a proof of the kind of person Pastor Akinde is. 

"What I have come to do is a great sacrifice: coming to this place, all the way from Sagamu, driving first to Abeokuta, then to Ilaro and then heading to Ado-Odo; being on transit and in traffic for almost two hours, when I should have gone home from work to rest.

 "You may not know I have been on night calls(duties) in the hospital for nearly a week. This weekend now, Friday and Saturday, that I should rest, I'm in Ado Odo, when I know that on Sunday morning I have to be in the hospital again, and consequently having no time to be with my wife and children. 

  "It's because Pastor Akinde is a man that deserves whatever sacrifice I make because of him. He is a friend you can turn to at any time, as a reliable, resourceful and helpful person. People and friends like him are few." He added

Apart from Dr Hyland Ayanchi and the Asoju Oba of Ado Odo, Chief Adekunle, none of the people interviewed, who spoke above, knew they were talking to the press because we wanted them to talk freely and pour out their minds in an informal conversation.

             Prince Adebayo Akinde



  Speaking on his future plans for the medical outreach program, Prince Akinde said, "Next year programme will be more elaborate than this one. We are going to spend more than double the amount of money we spent this year."


   According to him, "This free health programme is in honour and memory of my late mother, who is direct sibling of Bankole Arubo in Okewaye Ruling House in Ado Odo here." 


We want to touch the lives of our people more. We are starting with this; just to start from somewhere. And from there, we will increase it and enlarge the coast."

"By the grace of God, next year programme will be more elaborate. Bigger than this one. What I'm aiming at is that, it's going to be a foundation in honour of my late mother." He disclosed.


By the time the medical team and others who participated in organising the programme finished that evening, the common statement among them was, "thank you Lord, for the success of the programme", because all is well that ends well.

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