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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

20 Movies You May Need To Watch To Solve Marital & Family Crises

 20 Movies You May Need To Watch To Solve Marital & Family Crises 

{Updated May 20, 2023)

By Charles Segun Adegbite

Are you facing marital crisis, and perhaps contemplating divorcing, or you have someone facing similar dilemma? Are you having a robust marital life and enjoying a peaceful home and do not want to experience any crisis? 

Having high academic intelligence is not the same thing as having appropriate marital intelligence or emotional intelligence to handle marital or family crisis.

By watching some or all of these movies produced by The Mount Zion Film Productions, Nigeria, you will get a lot of ways  you can prevent such crises and restore peace into your home, if you are already experiencing crisis.

 Enemy of My Soul

Unresolved crisis between a couple can allow a third party to come in. Here, the husband named Oye (Elvon Jarret) impregnated a lady and apologised for his marital unfaithfulness. But the wife, Peju (Gloria Bamiloye) opted for a divorce.

The intervention of the husband's pastor(Mike Bamiloye), means nothing to the embittered wife until the whole issue became complex.

But what happens thereafter? Watch it(if you've not)  to see how the whole crisis is resolved with prayers, fasting and Godly wisdom.


Busy But Guilty

 Ignorance is deadly. You may be sincere with what you are doing but out of ignorance be committing great blunder. 

Watch how the initially timid pastor's wife in this movie , Gloria Bamiloye, got anointed and suddenly get so busy that she has no time for her theatrical husband, Ayo Makanju and the children, until the enemies attack them terribly.

It takes God's intervention for her not to become a widow and lose a daughter; in this movie that teaches everyone how essential emotional intelligence is, in every marriage.    

The Wounded Heart 

Men who have no fear of God can make life miserable for their wives. In this movie, Doyin Hassan abandons his wife in one town to enjoy himself with another woman in another town. How can a wise woman handle such a heartless man? 

Well,  Gloria Bamiloye, who is the estranged wife in the movie, tells us through her actions, and gets back her husband ? Find out how, in this movie(if you have not watched the movie).    

Family Riot

They claimed to be Christians but weren't following Jesus Christ, in their ways of life. 

Consequently, their home becomes house of commotion; full of crises and family riots. The husband thinks he could outsmart both his wife and his pastor in the game of deception, but the wife is smarter. 

The wise and timely intervention of another minister of God the husband was trying to deceive brings back the piece of God and restores their salvation. 

Watch the movie and see a lot of intrigues, which men and women use phones and computer devices to do nowadays: And how iron "Law of Cause and Effects" brings the rewards they get through such dubious actions  .   

Hunting Shadows

This award winning movie doesn't only exposes a lot of marital challenges in various homes. It reveals the challenges many self sponsored female undergraduates  are facing on our campuses! looking at the lives of Stella (Sade Agboola) and Bukky (Deborah Fashola) in that movie. 

It exposes the series of things ungodly wives can do to fight their rivals and snatch or win the hearts of husbands, as Patricia (Gloria Bamiloye)does in the movie. 

Above all, it reveals to viewers that there is no problem God cannot solve if one involves Him: Looking at the lives of Engr. Dolapo (Mike Bamiloye) and his wife Titilola (Toun Soetan) , Kolade Segun Okeowo who acts the role of Kenny , and how they all end up rejoicing in the movie, after the shadows of their past blunders, which have been hunting them, faded away..

House On Fire

If you have a husband who doesn't love or care for you, or a wife who is too arrogant, not submissive and won't like to see any of your parents and  family members, what do you do? Watch this movie and see how Elvon Jarret  handles his socialite and arrogant wife, Iyabo(Gloria Bamiloye) . 

When enemies succeeded in turning the heart of her husband against her, and he was almost killed , see what Iyabo does in the movie to get her husband out of the bondage, and bring lasting peace into her family   

The Stormy Seas

There are different kinds of storms in life. If a man loses his job and couldn't perform his financial responsibilities as husband and father and within the period the wife becomes richer than him, very soon higher storms will rage over the family.

Watching this movie can enable such a wife knows what to do to help the husband and stop the storm in her home.

If a husband is married to his job and has no time for his wife and children: Or, if a pastor is too busy in the name of working for God, to the detriment of his home and family, this movie can help bring such a man back, before he fully enters his new Ministry of Destruction.

In this movie Lady Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye, Pastor Lekan Ashikia,Wole Olaleye and  Damililola Mike Bamiloye, who are the celebrated actors in the movie, display a lot of skills and plays their roles in such a way that one can realise that there is hope for every home and family that is facing terrible storms  

The Storms Of Life

In this movie, the husband, Mike Bamiloye and his theatrical wife Deborah Fashola, live like cat and dog. Their theatrical home is enmeshed in great storms, as the nagging and quarrelsome wife couldn't train her daughter well, while the husband's adulterous way of life was a bad influence on their only son. 

The consequences weren't palatable, as the son was arrested for cultism and murder while the only daughter was dying in a hospital, during which they have no option than to seek for an urgent and very certain solution. What is it? And how did they navigate out of the heavy storms.? Watch this movie(if you haven't) and you will learn a lot of lessons!

Cracks In The Wall

If you lack emotional intelligence and you continue to hurt your wife, or won't listen to her if she is offering a sensitive advice, just because you want to prove that you are the husband, and the boss, you have a lot of lessons to learn from this movie.

It takes just a crack or little loopholes for a lizard to enter any wall. The enemy can easily come in like a friend and take advantage of the unresolved crisis between the couple and quickly sow a seed that will cause great marital crisis.

For Wole Adeyi who acts the role of the husband in this movie, and the wife, Margaret Anenih, they never thought they could fall cheaply into the hands of a wolf in sheep clothing. You can learn a lot of lessons from this movie.

The Conspiracy

Before any marital crisis occurs it always start in a subtle manner. In this movie, there Is a deliberate conspiracy and strong determination by a female boss who is the MD of a big company.

She wants to be sugar mummy to this young married man and even marry him at all cost. The committed Christian brother knows the implication and doesn't want to have marital crisis with his legal wife and so, rejects the offer. 

He however fell into the trap , because when a pretty, wealthy and highly intelligent woman who also has strong spiritual power, is interested in dating a younger man working under her, it's a serious issue..

It takes God's intervention for such a man to escape, especially when she has invited him by trick for a fathom official weekend seminar in another state in the USA, paid for the flight ticket, transferred huge amount of dollars into his bank account as traveling cum inconvenience allowance and lodged him in same suite in a big hotel where the two stayed.

 What did the wife do without leaving her room, to rescue her husband from the trap and ensure the female boss doesn't have a taste of her husband's sexual prowess, even when it was night already and they are both together in the hotel room?. 

Find out in this movie. It's very interesting, with a lot of suspense and intrigues.  You will get lessons from the role spiritual warfare plays in this movie, produced in America.

Other 10 movies you can watch from the stable of Mount Zion Films Productions to prevent or solve marital and family crises are: 

The Broken Pitcher, The Return, The Finest Wine, My Mother In Law(1-3), Shackles, Dangerous Influence, Captives of The Mighty, Secrets Of The Moment, Life Of The Billows and One Careless Night.

Please share this story to so many people to let it go viral, so that  it can help those having marital or family crisis; and to  help those who don't have crisis now, to know how to never have it.

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