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Sunday, June 7, 2020

The 4S of Success in Life: Skill, Stamina, Speed and Strategy.

The 4S of Success in Life: Skill, Stamina, Speed and Strategy.

1) Skill

For you to succeed in life or in any endeavour, you need skills. By mastering your profession, you put yourself on the side of the angel. You will be able to perform better and increase your chance for regular promotion and patronage.

While the poor may patronise amateurs and the unskillful the wealthy people and organisations go for the professionals. The unskillful and amateurs are poorly paid while those who master their crafts are better paid.

2) Stamina

Life is war. Everyone who desires to succeed in life must therefore develop enough stamina needed to withstand all contending forces that normally hinder people from succeeding.

You need Physical Stamina to work for long in order to breakthrough in your endeavour. You need Spiritual Stamina to overcome spiritual forces that terminate people’s lives prematurely or bring all sorts of misfortunes. You also need strong Financial Stamina to be able to meet financial responsibilities, venture into many business activities and avert financial crisis.

3) Speed

The universe is constantly in motion and moving with high speed. This world has no patience for those who are moving slowly, especially in this Jet Age/Cyber Age.

Speed kills, speed wins. Patience dog eats the fattest bone, but any animal who doesn’t want its bones to be eaten by patience dog must know how to move with high speed so that predators will not turn such animal to prey.

4) Strategy

Winning and succeeding in life require a lot of strategies. The method that worked yesterday may not work today.

Life is not static. You therefore need to keep looking for a lot of strategies to succeed in life.

Wisdom is very crucial in life and Strategy is a display of wisdom. You need strategies each time you are facing the battles of life.

Are you a business man/woman or politician, civil servant or minister of the gospel, student or apprentice, leader or follower, soldier or pilot ? Whoever you are, you need Skill, Stamina, Speed and Strategies to succeed in life

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