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Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Making Of Aare & Yeye Aare Asoludero Of Simawa Kingdom:

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The Making Of Aare & Yeye Aare Asoludero Of Simawa Kingdom:
Evang(Dr) Kolade Segun Okeowo & Princess (Evang.) Sumbo Segun-Okeowo

By Charles Segun Adegbite

      Aare(Evang.) Kolade Segun Okeowo, is a man of many parts.  A seasoned drama evangelist, an outstanding gospel movie actor, film director and producer, author, publisher, politician, estate developer and property merchant, agricultural entrepreneur, drama academy lecturer,  school proprietor and community leader.

He is the President of Christoline Drama Ministries, former National President of the All-Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAMManaging Director/CEO of Zionstones Media, CEO of Zionstone Estates, Chairman of Ilusanmi Oil Palm Farms/Ilusanmi Multi-purpose Cooperatives Society Ltd, President of Believers In Politics (an NGO), President of Christoline Film Academy and Founder/Proprietor of Goldmind Group of Schools.
He is the producer and director of couples reality show, Beyond The Honeymoon, on many television stations like: LTV,  STV, AIT, DoveTV e.t.c.

The chiefs &  their paraphernalia of office

Today, KSO, as he is fondly called, is the Aare Asoludero of Simawa Kingdom in Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. This is the chieftaincy title conferred on him recently, together with his wife, Princess (Evang) Sumbo Segun-Okeowo, who was also bestowed with the chieftaincy title of Yeye Asoludero.

The installation/iwuye ceremony was organized on February 17, 2024. It was an epoch making event, not only in the lives of this couple, but the whole Simawa town. Suffice to say, the whole town stood still for this couple the duo, as invited guests stormed the fast growing town and the people with their royal father and chief host, the Fadesewa of Simawa, His Royal Highness Oba Olugbenga Gbadebo Sonuga (Ogbodo 1) and his Olori Adepeju Sonuga, received them wholeheartedly.

Aare & Yeye Aare Segun-Okeowo

Former governor of Ogun State, Senator Gbenga Daniel, couldn't attend, due to the exigency of his national assignments, but he sent his Chief of Staff, Dr. Babatunde Onadeko, to represent him. The Group Managing Director of ADRON Homes & Properties; Akile Oba Adetola Emmanuel-King, the Founder/Senior Pastor of Chapel of Victory, Dr. Lanre Adenekan and numerous other dignitaries were all in attendance.


The conferment of this chieftaincy title on him and his wife was in recognition of his pioneering efforts in transforming the agrarian community into a fast growing town in Ogun State.


In 2009, while he was the National President of ANCEDRAM, he conceived the idea of starting the first gospel film village in Nigeria. It was at the time Simawa was still an agrarian and sleepy community, with its large landmass being full of thick forests and many abandoned old kolanut farmlands.

Without mincing words, the village was desperately clamouring for development to become a town. It was also the strong desire of Oba Fadesewa to see his community transformed into an enviable kingdom.

When KSO sold the idea of building that gospel film village in Simawa to ANCEDRAM leadership and they couldn't embrace it, he turned it to Zionstones Film Village, to keep his dream alive.

In January 2010, this graduate of history made history by embarking on pioneering efforts of turning the forest to town when he stormed the jungles with bulldozer. Precisely on January 30, 2010, he laid the official foundation of the Zionstones Film Village.

In doing that, he did not only officially inform the Ogun State Government, but brought in the Chairman of Ogun State Tourism Board, Erelu Morenikeji Okunnowo for the foundation laying ceremony in that January 2010, under the directive of the Ogun State Governor.  And in 2011, the then State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel paid an assessment visit to the film village.

Consequently, major things they needed like: Global Certificate of Occupancy, electric power transformer,  tarring of road, construction of borehole, among others; were requested for. And when the governor visited the place, he gave them a transformer, to meet the electricity supply needed.

The success recorded through instant patronages from people who were not into movie making led him to quickly embark on the Phase 2 of the Zionstones Film Village named Zionstones Courts. And this was followed with the Phase 3 of the project named Zionstones Estate; all within 2010.

By 2011 when Governor Gbenga Daniel visited the place, the construction of various houses in the estates had reached a commendable level which spurred the governor to donate a transformer to them, for easy electrification of the estate.

That new development and his pioneering bold moves opened the eyes of so many people, especially those in the mother town; Makun, Sagamu. Many of those people couldn't see the fast way of addressing that developmental needs of Simawa and building houses in that agrarian community because it was seen then as a glorified village.

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...Offers interested people straightforward path to farm land ownership

As KSO discovered the way and charted this uncharted territory, others got the courage to follow. Among them was a younger man who is today not just a big man, but an outstanding real estate developer and property merchant in Nigeria, Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, who is the founding CEO of ADRON Homes.

Consequently, many real estate developers and property merchants stormed Simawa and its environs, and began to join in transforming the village into an urban area.

Speaking on the reasons for taking the title, Aare Segun-Okeowo said: "My journey towards the Chieftaincy title goes back to over ten years ago; precisely 2012 when I moved to live in Simawa.

"Since then, Kaabiyesi (Oba Fadesewa)
in honour of the pioneering works and community development efforts that I was involved in, had mooted the idea of a Chieftaincy title. However, because of my deep religious background and convictions, I believed the concept of Chieftaincy was not proper for a Christian to pick a Chieftaincy title.

"However,  in 2023 my convictions about Chieftaincy for a Christian changed. I therefore accepted the more than ten year offer of a Chieftaincy title," he explained.

  According to him, the monarch was of the opinion that his pioneering works on community development and estate management helped to open the eyes of the world to Simawa and contributed in no small measure to the development of the town.

  When he rejected the offer then in 2012, Oba Fadesewa later conferred it on Chief Sunday Oyelesi (a.k.a  Baba Ebun), the last Asoludero of Simawa, who became the first to wear that cap of Asoludero of Simawa. He however passed on to glory in 2022.

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    "The title is exciting to me for two reasons. The first reason is because it is a confirmation of what the Lord Himself wants us to do: creating a better life for people to live. That is exactly why on the day of our Iwuye ceremony, we instituted an interest-free loan for small scale traders. We gave interest-free loans to 20 traders with six months to pay back and a moratorium of one month.

  "The title is also exciting to us because someone we respect so much, His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel is also a holder of the same title on Makun Sagamu.

   "Out of the respect I have for him, his great leadership skills, concerns for humanity and generosity, it gives me a great pleasure to bear the same title with my leader and hero," he said.

    According to him, his wife is equally involved in the community development. "She leads some groups of women. Besides, she runs a co-educational institution that has been involved in several community works since inception ten years ago". He disclosed.

Contributions Of His Father
Speaking of the roles his father played in moulding him, KSO said: "My late father was and remains my hero. I have taken after him in many respects and I remain very proud of his many achievements. I have also drawn strengths and several favours from the good name he left behind. Therefore, those who believe I have taken after him are very correct."

  According to him, his commitment to the educational sector "is borne out of a strong passion for improving the quality of lives and impacting good morals beyond academics into young people.
"My belief is that every child is born a star and there is gold hidden in him/her. The role of the school is thus to discover the inherent gold in the child and dig it out. That explains why our school is named GOLDMIND," he added.

Speaking on his resemblance of his father on many areas, he said: " My Dad was an incurable builder and had a passion for properties. He built 17 houses in his lifetime despite being a teacher. He invested heavily in stocks from his days as a Grade 2 Student in 1962 and later used the proceeds to fund property development much later in life.


"My Dad was an incurable builder and had a passion for properties. He built 17 houses in his lifetime despite being a teacher".

  Narrating how he ventured into property business, KSO said:
"My break into the world of construction came when I built my first house in Ogijo. I was 28 and struggling to survive, so it was difficult to build. I had to source materials and labour from the cheapest possible sources.

"My break into the world of construction came when I built my first house in Ogijo. I was 28 and struggling to survive, so it was difficult to build. I had to source materials and labour from the cheapest possible sources."

"As a result, I got to know the tricks and skills of building. Soon after, an older cousin living in Port Harcourt requested me to supervise his school project. It was a massive project.
  " I did it successfully and it became another learning opportunity. From there, I began to do more supervision work for others and graduated to estate management." He disclosed.

"Filmmaking is a calling and passion for me. I can't stop acting. God forbid!!!
Yes, it's tasking having to combine it with several other things that I do but because I have made up my mind I make time available and effectively manage the little time that I have, " he explained.

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He however, made it known that, there are many challenges in the work of ministry. "And Drama Ministry is not exempted from the challenges.


  To him, "the title Asoludero is a continuation of ministry. In Matthew Chapter 25, Jesus told the story of a King who rewarded his subjects for doing good acts to his people. He welcomed such subjects to eternal bliss for "feeding him when he was hungry."

       "When his subjects wondered when he was hungry and they fed him" he said:  "Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"
" That's my understanding of the title Asoludero. "A man who makes life more abundant " What else are we sent to do as Christians if not to make life more abundant," he said interrogatively.

While speaking further on the relevance of the chieftaincy title, he noted that the title Asoludero has no political or business motive for him.

" With or without the title, my political and business life will continue. However, I believe in making people laugh and happy. Some of my best moments are when I sit with people to eat my meals. I love seeing people around me when I eat. I don't like eating alone.

    "That's one of the reasons we commemorated the IWUYE Ceremony with the release of Micro Credit Loan Scheme to small scalet tradersand artisans in and around Simawa. Making people happy brings me joy." He explained.

Ex-Governor, Senator Gbenga Daniel sent congratulation letter to Aare KSO on his chieftaincy title.

Although he studied History in getting his  first degree, KSO said:
   "I never set out to make history but to make impacts. As a young man I heard a song writer say " when I die, I'll keep on living" That struck me and became my driving force.


" I want to keep on living in the hearts of men many centuries after I am gone ! That is what propels me to do things I do.

    "A greater responsibility of community development, making life more abundant and peace making.


  "Kaabiyesi (Oba Adesewa) believes my pioneering estate development works have attracted several other developments to Simawa. It is on record that I started estate development works in Simawa.
   When no one gave SIMAWA any chance, I started the process of prospective buying of land and Estate works in Simawa. I have been involved in other Community Development efforts since. Most recently, I spearheaded the repairs of the main road in Simawa.

    "I attracted the Hon. Member of the House of Representatives to join us in grading some roads within the community. I have been privileged to give full and partial scholarships in Junior and Senior High School to over 25  students within the community.

    "I have also been in the fore front of electricity restoration to Simawa after three years of total darkness. I have equally involved myself in the drainage and grading of an over 4km Road in Simawa.

     "Besides, I have involved myself in several other community efforts including the establishment of the motor park/garrage, restoration of the Asa/Agere Stilts climbing skills in Simawa.
    " I guess these and many more are responsible for the honour Kaabiyesi and the Traditional Institution decided to bestow on me," he added.

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   He then promised that by the Grace of God, he would intensify efforts in making life more abundant for his people in Simawa.
   According to him, "More community development efforts will come from us in due course. The Asoludero Micro Credit Loan Scheme will be sustained and made more robust to make more people benefit from it"

I have learnt a lot in all of these. First is the principle of "live and let live" which my father first taught me.

My experience in all these areas has shown me that the best way to be happy is to build happy people around you. When the people around you are happy, you will become happy.

I have also come to a conclusion that the best way to become prosperous is to solve other people's problems. Once I discovered that, I stopped asking God to give me money, I only ask Him to make me a solution to people's problems.

When I proffer solutions to problems, people appreciate and are willing to part with their money. That's what builds true wealth. I have also learnt that wounds and scars are part of success. I have not seen a truly successful man without a wound or scar. Thats why my maxim is SHOW ME A SUCCESS WITHOUT A SCAR AND I WILL SHOW YOU A SCAM !!!


"I have also learnt that wounds and scars are part of success. I have not seen a truly successful man without a wound or scar".

I have always been daring all my life. As a four year old, I once jumped out of a moving vehicle because I felt I could get to my destination faster than the vehicle. I know what I wanted from life from a very young age.

As a 15 year old boy, I told my father I won't be a lawyer because the job was boring to me. I am also blessed with a very sharp and clear imaginative ability.

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I am often able to visualise and "see" what others cannot see. When I started the estates in Simawa, others saw forests, I saw massive houses. It has come to pass.

I have my own full dosage of failures. I have been involved in businesses that failed. I have bought lands that ended up in problems and had to enter into litigation.

I have had to sell off a 30 acre land at pittance just to get out of a mess. I have been stabbed in the back by trusted people. I have been betrayed by very close acquaintances. I have had to face negative comments and false rumours. In all these, I have become stronger and better.

  Life is a roller coaster!!!  However, I have learnt that life doesn't give you what you deserve but what you demand! I have learnt that negative comments and false rumours can't be helped. You cannot stop a bird from flying in the sky, you can only stop it from creating a nest in your head.

   'Life doesn't give you what you deserve but what you demand!"

I have also learnt that there is no indispensable man, so I have learnt to take things easy knowing full well that my exit won't create an unfillable vacuum.

My wife is my greatest fan and critic. She praises and criticises me. I celebrate her all the time because, she grew up with me from nothing to something.
She married me for the love and joy of marriage, nothing more.

I had practically nothing. We built everything from the scratch to what we have now!

When I ventured into politics she gave me all the support. I remember when I lost my first election in 2011, I drove back home distraught and dejected. Standing at the door was my wife to give a heroic welcome.

The way she welcomed me was so heroic that a huge surge of joy rose in me. She is always standing by to celebrate with me and lick the wounds in times of failures and setbacks. 

I am the Coordinator of the Gateway Movement in Sagamu Local Government. The Gateway Movement is the political machinery of His Excellency The Distinguished Senator, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

Honour For Good Works.
A Yoruba adage says 'Ten Kings, ten epoch. A king whose reign characterised the transformation of into town, people will not forget. Likewise, the one whose turned town to forest, people will not forget as well".

Today, apart from his real estate company, there are many real estate companies in Simawa town like ADRON Homes who stormed the place after seeing his exploits and thereafter founded many housing estates that led to the complete transformation of the place.

In view of his bold moves, proactive steps towards transforming a village to a big town in just about five years through his real estate company, Aare (Evang.) Kolade Segun-Okeowo is hereby honoured as our:

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Outstanding Real Estate Developer of The Month { 2024}

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