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Thursday, February 10, 2022

7 Ways to turn failures of 2021 failures to success

By Charles Segun Adegbite

Did you experience failure in 2021? Cheer up! Failure is part of the ingredients for success.  Every successful person you see today has failed at one time or the other before they eventually succeeded.

If you don’t believe me ask the No.1 leadership training expert in the world today, Dr John C. Maxwell. He will tell you that is true.. In fact he wrote and published two books on this issue titled: (1) “Failing Forward” , and (2) “Sometimes You Win, Sometime You Learn(Or Lose).

Ask the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. He will tell you how he had tried several times at the beginning of his ministry and even had to travel to South Korea to learn how to succeed before God opened his eyes to know what to do to have continuous breakthrough.

That you failed last year does not mean you are a failure. What it simply means is that you tried, but you’ve not tried enough.

For you to succeed this year you need to sit down and do the following:

1) Take Responsibility: Don’t blame anybody for your failure. Instead blame yourself. Tell yourself, “I’m responsible for the whole thing. I’m going to correct all the mistakes I made and get better”. If you keep blaming others you will turn yourself to a victim who is helpless instead of a victor who can win.

2) Find out the cause of your failure: Critically examine yourself and find out all the mistakes you made, and the things you didn’t do right. Don’t justify all your efforts by saying that is how God wants it to be. God does not want you to fail, but to succeed.

3) Learn From Your Mistakes: Instead of repeating the same mistakes you made last year, try to learn from them. Avoid every method you used that didn’t work. Adopt another method(s).

4) Understand The Meaning of Failure: See failure as part of the steps to success; and ingredients for success. Don’t be afraid to fail. Those who are afraid to fail would not try new things. They will not want to take risk. And he who is afraid to trow a dice will never dial six.

5) Change Your Thinking, Change Your Action: You need to change the way you think, in order to change your beliefs, attitude and actions. If you don’t change, things will never change. And if you continue to do things the way you’ve been doing them before, you will only be getting the same results.

If you want to succeed, don’t give up

6) Plan Well: Action without planning is the cause of every failure. You need to plan well, and plan more. Through proper planning you will be able to find solution to a lot of problems that look like immovable mountains.

7) Try and Try in Again: Giving up is what makes you a failure, not failing to achieve a particular goal at a particular time. Winners don’t quit; and, quitters don’t win. If you want to win, try and try again, until victory is achieved.

If you want to succeed, don’t give up. Try, try and try again, until the goal is achieved.

Good luck!

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