Wednesday, May 26, 2021

20 Basic Facts About ACTION


20 Basic Facts About ACTION
By Charles Segun Adegbite

As we continue in the Power of Action this week, we are looking at the 20 basic facts we need to know about Action.
1) Action is an application of force.
 2) No thought, idea, dream or vision can manifest in this world without action.
3) Action weakens and paralises fear.
4) The universe respond to action(s)
5) For every action, there is a reaction, because of the Law of Cause and Effects and the Law of Harvest (Sowing and Reaping).
6) Action is the antidote to procrastination 
7) Repeated actions, when they produce results, increase one's confidence. 
8) Action is the first step to
achievement of any goal, after a goal is conceived.
9) Everything you do after the conception of an idea or a thought is formed, is action.
10) Action leads to discovery
11) Action leads to recovery
12) The journey to success in life starts with action.
13) Many actions can lead to failure, but more appropriate actions  will turn the failure to success.
14) Human actions alone don't bring success, a lot of unseen forces contribute to achievement of success in anything.
15) A problem can remain due to inactions, but no problem can be solved without taking actions.
16) The more actions we take the more impact we make.
17) Not all actions are good actions, and not all good actions bring the expected results.
18) When repeated actions don't bring desired results, it is a proof that we have not tried enough or the forces controlling the universe have not crowned our efforts.
19) Actions without wisdom will bring failure or total regret.
20) Great actions distinguish men and women, and enable them become strong and influential wherever they are.

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