Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Power of Action

The Power of Action 
By Charles Segun Adegbite

The key to success is ACTION. And what is Action? 
In this context, action is the process through which an intention is brought into reality.
It is a step(s) you take over the decision you made, to bring your intentions into manifestation.

That means, your thought(s), ideas, dreams and vision will never come into  manifestation until you begin to take action.

In other words, for anything to manifest in the physical world action is required.

Of course, there is a law operating behind every action which enables it to produce results without failing. It is called Law of Action.

The Law of Action says, "Action must be taken for anybody to bring anything from the spiritual realms or unseen world to the physical world."

 This week, we are focusing on the POWER OF ACTION in our Success People Tonic series.
We're going to look at:
1) Basic facts about action
2) Types of action
3) Benefits of taking Action
4) Men who  became great by constantly taking actions  
5) The Power of action

Join us in this series, as we begin the journey today.

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