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Friday, January 8, 2021

5 Things To Do To Satisfy Your Woman(Wife)

By Sesan Akinbowale

A married woman, Madam Elizabeth(surname withheld) whose husband has been denying sex for a long time and has not been enjoying her marriage after over 27years of being in the relationship has come out with 5Ways Any Man Can Satisfy His Woman/Wife.
In a message she posted via a private chat in a social media, these are what she recommended, to avoid marital crisis:
Women don't like being neglected by their spouse. They want constant attention from their men, to show that they occupy a special place in the man's heart. Once they don't get the man's attention, the relationship will begin to suffer a setback. 
Constant intimate discussions between husband and wife is the food that keeps marital relationship alive. When communication dwindles the relationship becomes weak. A lot of issues can be resolved easily before it becomes complicated when there is constant communication.
You can't be in a marriage with any woman and not love her and yet be expecting the relationship to last. It is by caring for a woman that you show you love her truly. And you will enjoy her fully.
Every woman wants money to meet her needs and get whatever she wants. The man's ability to provide enough money  for her to meet those needs regularly wouldn't only strengthen the relationship but increase the woman's love for the man.
 5. SEX.         
According to the married woman who sent this message, good and orgasmic Sex is what every woman wants from her husband. Lack of good orgasmic sex do make relationship boring and sex uninteresting to women.  No amount of money can replace this emotional food and desire. "Failure to give her this her strong secret emotional desires every time she needs it can make her to either get frustrated and start seeking for sexual satisfaction outside. The results will be constant nagging and quarrels.
"If she is getting other things she wants from her husband, especially money, and doesn't want to divorce him or have domestic crisis, she may start getting her sexual satisfaction outside, and master the art of pretending, living with him as if all is well, as if she doesn't care about sex." She added.

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