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Friday, January 8, 2021

Clamour for Donald Trump's impeachment gather momentum to prevent him from dividing American more.

The clamour for impeachment of US President Donald Trump has continued to gather momentum even as the White House and some Republican leaders are arguing that it would only divide the country.

Supporters of the move, however, say it’s important to send a message for posterity about what the nation will tolerate and what it won’t.

Democrats in the US Congress have been pushing for the impeachment of Trump for inciting the riot carried out by his supporters at the Capitol Hill on Wednesday to overturn the results of the presidential election he lost to Joe Biden.
His inciting speeches and tweets on the lost election have led to the suspension of his social media accounts by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

Founder of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerbergs said the suspension of the President's social media accounts was carried out due to perpetual violation of the company's policy by the President.
Trump has disclosed his intention to boycott the inauguration of Biden as the next president on January.

The impeachment moves have began to generate reactions from Americans, who took to the Twitter on Friday in response to the CBS Evening News tweet on this deployment.

One Carolina @lamaTarheel in her tweet, said, "Impeachment also means he’d be stripped of all accoutrements of the Oval Office now and after inauguration so taxpayers don’t continue to fund him in post-Office transition and lifelong perks. Do it.

Another person Patience Philip @askmisspatience tweeted this:
"🖕🏼Morons. Look 👇🏼see how these insurrectionists threatened public servants &police. He gets fucking impeached NOW. Stop talking people. Like Nike #JustDoIt, or they will not stop. Being a veteran this pains me to no end. What the hell is wrong w/ everyone? Jail them all now."

Another American Tsele @teedeeNK tweeted:
"A lot of crimes has been left unpunished in the name of not dividing the country. How is it that whenever white supremacists/racists commit crimes, it's just let go, and an attempt is made to make them more comfvortable?"

"Whenever anyone else commits crimes, never forget. When it's white supremacists, it will divide the country"

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