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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Because of Toun Soetan, Mike Bamiloye beats his wife, Gloria, twice & sent her packing

By Charles Segun Adegbite

Have you ever seen the doyen of drama evangelism and father of Christian movies in Africa, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye beating his wife, Gloria, before? Well, he did so twice without apologising to the embittered wife. 

In fact, he even sent her away out of his theatrical matrimonial home for certain atrocities she theatrically committed.

This is what happened while trying to bring back his first estranged theatrical wife, Mrs Toun Soetan, who is simply called Mum or Titilola.

Do you want to know why this highly respected man of God did so, how and when he did it, before finally sending the troublesome Patricia packing out of his theatrical matrimonial home? Just ensure you watch the movie, Haunting Shadows from the stable of Mount Zion Films Production, in case you've never watched the movie.

NOTE: However, before you begin to spread this gist everywhere bear it in mind that this genuine man of God is neither a polygamist nor a man who beats his wife in real life at all. Mike and Gloria are exemplary couple. 

The whole actions are theatrical, which happened only in that movie, to carry out their drama evangelism and address a lot of challenges in many homes.  

In the movie, Bamiloye is simply addressed as Dad or Engr. Dolapo, who had sent away his first wife and married a younger one, after his new mother-in-law had hypnotised him to marry, her daughter, Patricia, because of his wealth..

But after Toun Soetan has taken her case to Jesus Christ via prayers, God begins to fight for her, leading to a lot of things happening, which led to Patricia's charms working against her.

If you really want to see Mike and Gloria Bamiloye engaging each other in a domestic violence, with Mike(sorry, Engr. Dolapo) regretting marrying Patricia(Gloria) get the movie, Hunting Shadows(Part 1-5). It is indeed, an award winning and evergreen movie.

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