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Saturday, November 28, 2020

20 Husbands of Gloria Bamiloye Unveiled

By Charles Segun Adegbite

She is neither a polyandrist nor a promiscuous woman, but the doyenne of drama evangelism and Christian movie in Africa, Lady Evang. Gloria Shola Bamiloye has over twenty theatrical husbands who she either called "Dear or My love, e.t.c." in the cause of rehearsing and acting her roles as a wife to each of the husbands in order to carry out her drama ministry effectively. 
Here are the 20 of those theatrical husbands.

1) Mike Bamiloye
This is her only husband in real life, who she's faithful to, come rain or shine. However, she acted the role of the second wife of this father of gospel movie in Africa, in that award winning movie, Hunting Shadows
While Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is Dad or Engr. Dolapo, in that movie, she is called Patricia; the second wife, who was sent packing from the matrimonial home, when the husband reconciled with the first wife, Titilola(Toun Soetan) and Patricia(Gloria) continues to embark on using charms to retain her love, which backfired.

2) Israel Ore-Adewole:
He is the No.1 serial husband of Gloria in most of the movies produced by The Mount Zion Film Productions from inception before he left to start his own ministry. Ore Adewole is Gloria's husband in movies like: Agbara Nla, The Ultimate Power, Ide Esu, Apoti Eri, The Foundation, One Careless Night, e.t.c.

3) Elvon Jarrett: 
He is another serial husband of Gloria in such movies like: The Story of My Life, Enemy of My Soul and House On Fire. The House  on Fire which is in four parts, written and produced by Gloria, has more close relationship as a couple, like hugging, to convince viewers that the house which is full of hullabaloos at the beginning is now home of love and peace.

4) Joseph Adepoju:
 He acted the role of her husband in the movie Lost Forever and the recent one, The Mother-In-Law.

5) Wole Olaleye
This Ijesha man is Gloria's husband in Youthful Lust and The Stormy Seas. 
Like the House on Fire, The Stormy Seas is in four parts, and it's written and produced by Gloria also. Likewise, it has more close relationship as a couple, like hugging, to convince viewers that the marriage and home which faced serious storms at the beginning, got restored and later boiled, is now a haven.

6} Kayode Owojori:
This man joined the list of Gloria's theatrical husbands in these movies: Secrets of the Moment and The High Calling, both written and produced by Gloria.

7) Abel Martins: 
He is another theatrical husband of Gloria in that award winning movie. Blood On The Altar. While Martins is the highly respected pastor known as Rev Hosea Atilade who impregnated his secretary and lures her into abortion that claims her life. Gloria is the pastor's wife, Mrs Atilade, who endured all the agonies of the attending consequences.

8) Yanju Adegbite
He is the spiritually conscious wealthy man and husband of Ladun's mum (Gloria) in the movie The Forgotten Ones. 
Their daughter graduated with a 1st Class in Computer Engineering and headed to a remote village with her medical doctor husband for a missionary work.

9) Doyin Hassan: 
This man in the movie, Wounded Heart, maltreated his wife, Laide(Gloria) a lot, even as the wife (Gloria) remains faithful to their marriage vows, in spite of all the wounds.

10) Kolawole David Okeowo
This is another theatrical husband of Gloria in the movie, Covenant Child and the Yoruba version, Omo Majemu. Gloria is Eniola and Mummy Gboyega in the movies. 

11) Ayo Makanju
He also joined the group of Gloria's theatrical husbands when he acted as one in a movie, Busy But Guilty. Of course, he got frustrated as a pastor's whose wife is too busy for God that she has no time for her domestic roles as wife and mother, until the enemy struck in their home and the husband fell into coma. Makanju acted other roles in other movies like: Youthful Lust and Blood On The Altar.

12) Muyiwa Craig: 
This is the pastor and Gloria's husband in the movie, The Storms of Life.in which they were pastor of Mike Bamiloye's wife in that movie.
13) Femi Adedeji: Also in the list of Gloria's theatrical husbands is this young man named Pastor John Lambert Gbalewa and husband of Pastor(Mrs) Lambert in a movie The Strategies written and produced by Gloria. She is the Pastor(Mrs) Lambert in the movie.
14) Leroy Odedele : In the movie, Back To Zero Point, this is the Nigeria based theatrical husband who married Sandra (Folashade Agboola) while his wife, Naomi (Gloria) is based in Germany. Of course, she(Naomi) got the news of the secret marriage and quickly travelled down to Nigeria, to send the innocent lady out of her matrimonial home.

15) Broda Martyns
He is the Pastor and husband of Lydia (Gloria) in the movie, Sun Set At Midday. Their only son, Segun, is a bone in their flesh who gives them a great sorrow in the end because, the mother got easily deceived by the antics of the smart guy, until the young undergrad died mysteriously.

16) Olugbenga Awotoye: 
This is another theatrical husband of Gloria, in the movie, The Broken Pitcher, in which she(Gloria) acted the minor role of pastor's wife. Of course, the shooting was done in the USA and Nigeria. And she is the wife of the pastor to her real husband, Mike Bamiloye, in that movie.

17)Wole Adeyi:
 This is one of the outstanding drama ministers discipled by Mike Bamiloye, who is now a famous gospel movie actor and producer in the USA. He, with Gloria acted the major roles of Daddy and Mummy Gboyega in that award winning movie, Abejoye(The Kingmaker) which they shot in Dallas, Texas, USA, and in Nigeria.

18) Oludare Jeremiah:
This is also one of her theatrical husbands.  In the movie, The Return, shot in Western Australia, Gloria acted major role of Angela, who brought this her theatrical husband, named James Lawanson in the movie, from Africa. 

The incessant allegations of infidelity by Angela against her husband is the major threat to the marriage. However, through prayers and patience, she overcome.

19) Babatunde Oreniyi:
 This is a young man, who also entered the list of Gloria's theatrical husbands, when he acted the role of Tunde's dad, in a movie, Planting, written and produced by Gloria Bamiloye. She acted the major role of Tunde's mum.

20) John Adegboye: This Australia based Psychiatrist and drama evangelist, is Gloria's theatrical husband, in the movie, Caught In The Wind. He actually wrote the script for the movie, that was shot in Western Australia. 
The couple got caught in the wind of worldliness and spiritual lukewarmness but they later called their pastor, Mike Bamiloye, to help them, when they realised that their cleverness couldn't help them.

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