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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

26 Things Successful People Know About Planning

Successful people are consistent and committed planners who understand a lot of things about planning. 
26 out of many things they know about planning, which help them to keep on succeeding are written below:
1. Planning is the first step through which any problem can be solved, and an ugly situation can be turned to a pleasant one.
2. Planning is the first step through which the impossible can be made possible.
3. Planning is the roadmap through which you get things done.
4. What you want to do is a goal, and how you are going to do it is planning
5. Failure to plan is an unintentional plan to fail.
6. You are experiencing today what you planned or failed to plan yesterday.
7. Success is a daily thing, so also is failure. And if you want to succeed daily you must therefore plan daily.
8. Planning is thinking very well before taking action on anything, in order to be able to do the thing very well and get the desired results.
9.  Planning means determining in advance how a goal will be accomplished before embarking on it.
10. Planning means bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go mentally, before embarking on the journey.
11. Planning means making logical and rational decisions before doing anything you want to do.
12. Planning means finding a way out of any difficult situation.
13. Planning means charting a course of where you are going in life and mapping out how to get there.
14. Planning means navigating into the future instead of waiting for future to come, because tomorrow never come.
15. Planning means bringing future into the present so that you can do something about it now.
16. Planning means being the driver of your life and taking yourself to where you want to be, from where you are.
17. Planning means being the captain of your life ship and steering yourself out of every storm of life, and navigating into your destination.
18. Planning means maneuvering yourself out of crisis and getting out of it completely through strategic thinking
19. Planning means strategizing how to deal with the enemies and overcoming them without becoming a victim.
20. Planning means being able to make a way where there is no way.
21. Through planning things are brought from the unseen realm to the physical realm; making unreal things become real.
22. Through planning a valley can be filled and a mountain can be turned to a plain.
23. Through planning you can become the architect and builder of your life, designing and building a better future for yourself.
24. Through planning you become the accountant of your life, taking stock and auditing your life, counting the cost of everything you want to do.
25. Planning enables you become the Manager of your life, as you make decisions, get resources, plan and take responsibility for your success and failure.
26. Planning is the constant thing you do to get out of failure, prevent failure, to succeed and retain the success, and to keep on succeeding.

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