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Friday, July 5, 2024

YAYI 2027: A Clarion Call to Serve By: Prof. Abdulwahid Ajibola

YAYI 2027: A Clarion Call to Serve By: Prof. Abdulwahid Ajibola

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By: Prof. Abdulwahid Ajibola

The mantra “Omo Ogun, Ise Ya” has come to symbolize a call to action and a commitment to growth, development and progress of the Gateway State. Central to the governance of Ogun State, this mantra connotes and encapsulates the spirit of hard work, dedication, patriotism, pragmatism, unity and collectivity towards the advancement of the state and the well-being of her people.

Successive civilian governors of Ogun State starting from the administration of Chief Bisi Onabanjo, Aremo Olusegun Osoba, Senator Gbenga Daniel and Senator Ibikunle Amosun to the incumbent helmsman, Prince Dapo Abiodun have successfully used the “Omo Ogun, Ise Ya” mantra as a unifying force to drive the government and the people of Ogun State towards a common goal of prosperity and sustainable growth and infrastructural development.

Various giant strides were made in different sectors to develop the state under these leaders, administrators and quintessential politicians.
Under late Chief Bisi Onabanjo's administration, significant infrastructural projects were initiated, stemming from road construction to landmark educational development.

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Chief Osoba focused on improving the state's economic landscape and promoting industrialization. Gbenga Daniel prioritized education and healthcare, leading to the establishment of new schools and hospitals.

True to his professional calling as an accountant, Ibikunle Amosun concentrated on improving the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR).

The Home Owners’ Charter through which Certificates of Ownership (CofO) were processed, signed by the Governor and issued to various house owners in different parts of Ogun State is still fresh in mind. Amosun also did tremendous work on infrastructural development, particularly in the areas of road construction and urban renewal activities.

Ogun State government should take this piece as a wakeup call to do the needful in this regard.

Dapo Abiodun's administration has also focused on infrastructure, agriculture, and youth empowerment initiatives in Ogun State. Abiodun’s scorecard so far are not merely a function of infrastructural development, but has a rating for his doggedness and passion for advancing the progress of Ogun State within the limits of his ability and capability.

However, the Iperu prince still has about three years to work, consolidate and improve upon some aspects of his administration’s performance that’s calling for serious and urgent attention, especially road reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Ogun State government should take this piece as a wakeup call to do the needful in this regard.

It’s a glaring eye sore that Ayepe road that’s supposed to link Sagamu to Ayepe-Ijebu and onward to Odogbolu (cutting across three local government areas of Ogun State: Sagamu, Ikenne and Odogbolu) has been in a very bad unmotorable condition for some time now, so much so that whatever means of transport (either cars or motorcycles) one used to commute on that road has to be repaired by the owner after every single trip.

The passers-by on foot on Ayepe road are also not immuned from body aches and not spared from ill-health due to the hazards posed by the deplorable condition of the road. It’s even more appalling that Sagamu local government secretariat is located on Ayepe road, with an ironic pool of dirty water in ditches symbolizing the entrance of the local government secretariat.

 ...the state cannot afford someone that will put the gear of developmental strides in reverse mode.

Nonetheless, one is cognisant of the fact that this farsighted and multiple awards-winning governor has painstakingly deployed caring
governance style to his credit, especially as evident in the health sector.

Coincidentally, all the three successive governors from 1999 and the incumbent helmsman are in the same political party, All Progressives Party (APC) for the first time.

The logic dictate that every well-meaning citizens of Ogun State must be ready and prepared to support only a candidate who is on the same page with the incumbent on party politics, governance and development of Ogun State.

The issue of governorship of Ogun in 2027 is a matter the leaders of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and other relevant stakeholders have to manage well as the state cannot afford someone that will put the gear of developmental strides in reverse mode.

Going forward, it’ll not be out of place to project that anyone nursing the ambition of becoming the next Ogun State Governor come year 2027 must be an intelligent, highly cerebral intellectual with passion to serve and deliver the goodies to the yearning masses of Ogun State.

This is where the Aremo of Yewaland, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, fondly called YAYI, readily comes to mind of all the people, friends and lovers of Ogun State.

One has also observed with keen interest how people from Ogun Central and Ogun East senatorial zones have dominated the Ogun political landscape, thus producing two governors each (focusing our attention on this fourth republic).

The State had earlier in the second and third republic produced prolific writers/journalists and highly respectable leaders in persons of our dear Ayekooto, late Victor Olabisi Olabanjo and our leader Aremo Olusegun Osoba from Ogun East and Ogun Central respectively.

Thus, the Gateway State had six civilian governors since its creation in 1976, with three each from two senatorial zones (Ogun East and Ogun Central), while the Awori, Egbado and Egun people, as well as other sub-groups constituting Yewaland tagged Ogun West senatorial zone has never had one of their own at the Oke-mosan seat of government as the helmsman.

Across the Gateway State, most people are not only calling for power to be shifted to Ogun West, but also being categorical about the choice of YAYI as the next governor of Ogun State.

It is understandable that as election year 2027 approaches, there is a growing call for continuity in developmental strides and visionary leadership just as call for power shift to Ogun West.

Across the Gateway State, most people are not only calling for power to be shifted to Ogun West, but also being categorical about the choice of YAYI as the next governor of Ogun State.

Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Accountant-Fellow at the
Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN).

It is not gain-saying that Ogun people are fortunate that fate has bestowed on us someone of Egbado extraction as a very formidable candidate in person of the Aremo of Yewaland, Senator Adeola at this crucial moment of our political trajectory in Ogun State.

Yayi as he’s popular known and addressed by all and sundry, especially political associates, excelled in his chosen profession of accounting with landmark achievements before veering into politics with a view to serve the people.

He is an intelligent and enigmatic man with all the qualities of a good leader and understands politics very well like the back of his hands.

Senator Adeola has been identified as a potential perfect successor to the incumbent governor of Ogun State due to his track record of service and achievements in various capacities.

As a senator representing Ogun West Senatorial District, Yayi has shown a commitment to the development of the state through legislative initiatives and constituency projects just in a space of one year in office.

His experience in governance and understanding of the needs of the people stand him tall high and make him a capable, eligible and suitable candidate for the coveted seat of number one citizen of Ogun State, to continue the progress and development of the Gateway State.

Yayi's leadership qualities, vision for the state, and ability to mobilize resources for developmental projects make him a strong contender for the gubernatorial seat.

His focus on youth empowerment, job creation, and infrastructural development align with the needs of Ogun State and her people. With a background in accounting, business and politics, Yayi possesses the necessary knowledgeable skills to navigate the complexities of governance and lead the state towards further growth and prosperity.

Beyond policy formulation, Yayi's leadership is characterized by inclusivity and unity, bridging ethnic gap and religious divides, while at the same time forging socio-economic alliances amongst ethnic sub groups within the state. He advocates for tolerance, dialogue, and mutual respect to foster an harmonious society where every citizen and resident can thrive.

It may be asked, what has he done for his people before? Solomon Adeola who is also the chairman of Senate Appropriations Committee has facilitated many initiatives in the area of human resources growth and infrastructural development across the length and breadth of Yewaland as well as Aworiland of Ogun West Senatorial district.

As Ogun State prepares for her future, the call to elect Yayi as Governor resonates as a beacon of hope and renewal of faith. 

These includes construction of modern school buildings, major health facilities, modern markets, roads, town halls, Police stations, provision of energy infrastructure like transformers, award of full scholarships and bursaries as well as major empowerment programmes for trained constituents and financial grants for market women.

As Ogun State prepares for her future, the call to elect Yayi as Governor resonates as a beacon of hope and renewal of faith. With a visionary agenda and a proven track record of transformative leadership, Yayi stands ready to lead the state towards serenity, prosperity, opportunity, and unity.

He is that candidate who will anchor his campaign on both sustaining progress and introducing new ideas with formidable blueprint as a lasting legacy.

YAYI can convincingly and effectively
communicate his vision, build voters’ confidence, and contribute meaningfully to public discourse, as he’s been doing on the floor of the national assembly for about two decades now. One does not expect less from a “post-graduate student who passed through JAGABAN School of Politics and Public Administration”.

Let us even put meritocracy to task here with neither unnecessary bias nor avoidable sentiment: who else does the Ogun State helmsman cap fits at this crucial stage of our development, other than one whose attention to his constituents, inhabiting one-third of the state is so phenomenal to the extent that its effects reverberates beyond the whole state and across the entire country.

That’s just one-third of Ogun State as per geographical senatorial classification.

One can imagine the tremendous achievements with accompanying meaningful impacts on the Gateway State populace if YAYI is given the mantle of leadership of the entire state.

One wouldn’t be surprised if his works reverberates further outside the country to the extent of magnetizing and attracting Ogun sons and daughters in the diaspora journeying back home for a taste of the juicy cake of democratic dividends.

This could also facilitate the Diasporians lending a helping hand towards national growth and developmental activities by contributing physically, financially and morally with their human and material resources, as well as expertise; thus making our Gateway State leap forward with giant strides.

Little wonders, the enviable, prestigious and highest chieftaincy title of Aremo of Yewaland was bestowed on him. What else are the electorates demanding and clamouring for from a leader other than the realistic practical dividends of democracy as an epitome of good governance.

The reward of good work is more
work. Hence, one cannot do anything other than make a passionate plea and clarion call on our indefatigable Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola YAYI.

The call becomes imperative for him to come on board in the year 2027 as the Ogun State helmsman and replicate all the giant strides of growth and development that’s feasibly evident in the entire Yewaland, territory of Ogun West now barely one year in office as their Senator.

YAYI's potentials as a successor to the incumbent governor of Ogun State lies in his proven track record, vision for development, and leadership qualities.

If elected, Senator Adeola has the ability and capability to build on the achievements of past administrations and steer Ogun State towards a brighter future through strategic planning, innovative initiatives, pragmatic policies, inclusive governance, and sustainable developmental strides.

Professor Abdulwahid Ajibola writes from Modele’s compound, Ijaye Kunmi, Abeokuta, Ogun State. He can be reached via 08037803988 and

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