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Friday, July 7, 2023

7 Things Women Do To Manipulate Me

7 Things Women Do To Manipulate Men

By Yetunde Onat 

  As we have different kinds of men so are many women. Some women who are manipulators use different kinds of means to control their male partners and other men, and thereby force them to do their biddings.

  Among the various means those women use are mentioned below:


       A woman who is a manipulator  can use various forms of emotional blackmail to manipulate her man. 

  She can use the man's weakness(es) or the great secret the man has with her, either which he told her about himself, his family or someone else, or have a secret deal with her that others must not hear about, to start or continue to manipulate him. 

   The woman will insist that if he doesn't want the secret to leak out he must do her bidding.

  Potiphar's wife in the Holy Bible used emotional blackmail against Joseph to deceive her husband into jailing him, after Joseph had refused to have sex with her in every occasion she attempted to lure him into having such unholy affairs with her .

      By getting Joseph's garment she was able to grab during her last failed attempt when he was running away, she used the garment as an evidence to blackmail him before her husband, lying that he attempted to rape her and flee when he grabbed his garment. 

   If Joseph had returned to her, to beg her to get his garment, before his master's return, she would have demanded for her desired sex, as a condition to release the garment and Joseph would have consequently been manipulated into having regular sexual affairs with her, once the first attempt has succeeded.

  2) SEX 

       Manipulative women use sex a lot to manipulate men, especially wealthy men or those in position of authority, to achieve different kinds of ulterior motives.

  They can seduce you to have sex with them, to enable them have access to your life, your wealth, or to know your strength and weakness. 

     Many manipulative ladies do seduce their bosses in the office, lecturers in school, party leaders in politics, member or chairman of a panel of inquiry set up for an inquiry into a case or panel of judges to determine winner in a competition and so on; to have sex with them, with the intention of getting all manners of favour, which they will demand for as a condition for the sex, after the man's body is already aroused.

      Of course, there are so many men also who often demand for sex as a condition for offering a job appointment, promotion, and all that.

    The danger in this is that, whenever the harvest of such misdemeanor comes, it is often accompanied with regrets.

 Some women (married or single) on the order hand also use SEX DENIAL to make their partner do their bidding by insisting that until the man do what they want, they won't allow him to have sex with them. It may be good for an unmarried woman to do, but not a married woman to her husband, except there is a genuine and intelligent reason for that. 

   Sex denial has led to many marital crises, divorce, raping and others. 



     A manipulative woman(not all women) uses crocodile tears by crying unnecessarily or excessively to convince the man that she has either been cheated, abused, assaulted or that she is sad or passing through emotional trauma, to make the man pity her and do her bidding.  

      In a situation like this man must have emotional intelligence and ability to descern between crocodile tears and a suffering or sad woman,  so that you don't become a sadist who doesn't have emotional feelings. 

    Women naturally are very emotional and you must know how to sympathize with a woman or girl when she is sad or passing through trauma, so that you don't call all her weeping and sad mood crocodile or deceptive tears  .

    She may be having menstrual pain, or any health challenges that will make her feel pain, agonize and cry that she may not be able to explain, except to someone who is able to care enough to understand her plight.

The issue is that you must be emotionally sensitive so that you, who are supposed to be her closest friend and helper, don't become heartless and let her die out of your heartlessness or lack of emotional intelligence.



    Women who have heart of gratitude know how to praise and appreciate men for every good thing that they do to them; and even thank you many times. This is a good character, because even God appreciates praises and heart of gratitude.

  However, some women(not all) can manipulate men by using excess praise and eulogies to make the men's ego rise and consequently let them do what they want. 

  By praising him so much for his kindness, his lovely character or the "enviable qualities" the man possesses, they will make the man feel happy and become proud, making him feel more than who he is and thereby spur him to do more.



     By saying "if you know you love me, do this for me" , " If you know you love me do that for me", they make their men take irrational decisions to prove his love for them.  

     While nothing is wrong in woman asking her man to prove his love for her, when such demand becomes constant statement each time she wants something big from him or wants him to do irrational things, then there may be manipulative intention.  

    Samson and Delilah is a biblical example. Delilah continued to pressurize Samson to reveal the secret of his strength to her, if he knows that he truly loves her. Knowing the danger in disclosing the secret, he refused.

    When the pressure became too much, for Samson to prove that he truly loves her, he told her the secret and that was the end of Samson's power and reign over his enemies.


    A manipulative woman can use constant aggression or anger to always create unnecessary scenarios that will make her man who doesn't want a boiling home or strained relationship to always succumb to her demands, for peace to reign.

     For every little issue that can be resolved amicably, she will make serious issues out of it, and thereby make her man do what she wants.

    If such a man is not emotionally strong enough to tolerate such aggression or wise enough to tame her without engaging in violence, there will always be frictions and constant quarrels in such a relationship or home. 

    7) DECEPTION: 

    Another way that manipulative women use to manipulate their men is deception. 

    Apart from the use of crocodile tears mentioned earlier to deceive, they use many other means to deceive their men and lie, to manipulate men to do their bidding.

      Rebecca in the Holy Bible manipulated Isaac, her husband, to bless Jacob instead of Esau(both her sons) by teaching Jacob what to do and say to deceive his father and get his blessings.

     She helped Jacob cook the food to the taste that her husband would enjoy, so much that even his spirit would bless the younger son many times after eating the food. 

     At the end, Isaac was manipulated to bless Jacob instead of Esau, who the father actually wanted to bless. And she did the manipulations so well that neither Isaac nor Esau knew she was the one behind the whole thing .

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