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Monday, May 16, 2022

Understanding Intentional Success


By Charles Segun Adegbite

Success does not happen by accident. So nobody becomes a successful person by accident. Likewise failure is not accidental. So nobody becomes a failure suddenly.

Each comes gradually through series of thoughts, decisions, actions we make or take every day and the association will keep daily. 

It is the accumulation of all these things we do or fail to do that manifest in the result we get.

This calls for the need to understand what is called Intentional Success. And to always be intentional to succeed in our daily activities.

You may say "but nobody wants to fail, everybody wants to succeed"


Yes ! Everybody wants to succeed. So, a lot of us go out daily with full hope that things will get better. We hope that things will just work out and success will just smile at us by luck.

    We hope that someday, somehow we will get there without doing daily what will take us there. We hope that somehow all things will just work together in our favour. But HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY.


 Life is too short and risky to be left to chance. By being intentional we will begin to be proactive; setting goals daily, planning on how to achieve those goals, taking actions towards achieving those goals.

Although certain situation or circumstance that are beyond our control  may occur in which we may not be able to help ourselves and consequently get result(s) we don't expect or desire.

 For instant, one may take a very high risk and achieve success, and consequently become a celebrated hero like Dr Nelson Mandela. Another may take similar or lesser risk only to be killed in the process and ended up a dead hero, like Chief MKO Abiola

     The duo cited as examples above were both successful in their callings before getting jailed; and they ended up as heroes. 

However, these are the exceptional cases in the events of life and destiny, which should not prevent us from setting goals, planning and preparing.

Of course, that is the reason prayers are crucial, for one to get divine direction and guidance.


    In the words of Les Brown, "Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the Stars".

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