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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Apostle Otaru Discloses The Secret Behind The Success of Ogun PFN 2021 Leadership Conference

Apostle Otaru Discloses The Secret Behind The Success of Ogun PFN 2021 Leadership Conference

...As Pastor Oyemade reveals how God's will can be done on Earth.

  Pix: Apostle Otaru

By Charles Segun Adegbite

The Ogun State Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(PFN), Apostle David Ahmed Otaru has disclosed the secret behind the success of the 2021 Leadership and Capacity Building Conference(LCBC) held last Saturday.


Apostle Otaru with Ogun SSG, Mr Talabi

Speaking at the Legacy Secretariat of the PFN in Kobape, near Abeokuta, immediately after the workshop session, the chairman disclosed his earlier intention to cancel the leadership conference for this year,  out of discouragement they got from the last PFN program in Abeokuta, that was held in September, which had poor attendance.





According to him, while contemplating on the issue,  God however spoke to him in a night vision, in which he saw that the program was held at the new venue, and the place was fully occupied by numerous participants. 

"When I woke up I wrote it down boldly. And I said the LCBC must hold. That was the confidence I have. At the state meeting I announced to everyone who attended the meeting what God told me about how today would be; that it's going to be successful. Now, has it come to pass or not?" He said questioning.

Those in attendance at the meeting said loudly, "Yes ooooo.!" And a lot of people clapped, and also shouted "Hallelujah !".


When I woke up I wrote it down boldly. And I said the LCBC must hold. That was the confidence I have. At the state meeting I announced it to everyone who attended the meeting what God told me about how today would be; that it's going to be successful. Now, has it come to pass or not?"


Ogun SSG, Mr Talabi

Of course, he had a lot of reasons to be discouraged because it was the first time they were planning to hold the LCBC program outside Abeokuta.

While the usual venue they had always been using, Deeper Life Bible Church's campground, Abeokuta, have all the facilities needed to host participants, the new PFN State headquarters, named Legacy  Secretariat, at Kobape, doesn't have any of the facilities to use.

Archbishop Osa-Oni and Apostle Otaru



Ogun PFN to hold 2021 leadership capacity building conference at Kobape on Saturday.


They needed to clear bush at the venue, erect sufficient canopies, supply all the chairs, tables and provide all other necessary logistics. And they also had to ask members to come out of the state capital and other major cities and developed towns in the state to attend the conference in a sleepy town of Kobape.


In spite of the level of discouragement emanating from the challenging tasks ahead, with the possibility of low turnout of members, Apostle Otaru decided to hold on to what God has shown him in the vision.

Consequently Otaru and his team embarked on organising the LCBC, to hold it for the first time in their permanent site. It was a risky and bold steps of faith.


The organising committee headed by the Deputy State Chairman and Director General of the LCBC, Pastor (Dr) Olawale Fatolu quickly followed the Chairman's instructions and organised the conference.

Alas ! It was absolutely successful, with a large number of members in attendance.

The State Governor Dapo Abiodun was represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr Tokunbo Talabi; who expressed the need for church's support in making government's COVID-19 vaccination programme successful.


The guest speaker, Pastor Poju Oyemade, who is the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Covenant Nation(TCN) and convener of The Platform Nigeria, came and did a highly commendable job. He spoke on the theme of the conference, "LET THY KINGDOM COME"


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The workshop facilitators: Rev. Bola Oke, Pastor Dele Rosilu, Evang. Abiodun Fijabi,  Justice Muyiwa Olusanya, Rev. Olumuyiwa Okuseinde, Rev. Iyabo Apampa(former Ogun State Commissioner for Education), Pastor Oluwale Samuel, Rev. Abiodun Ademuyiwa, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo, Pastor Lemoshe Taiwo, Rev. Olusola Denton, Pastor Segun Peters and Rev. Rufus Owoade, were all in attendance, except one. And each of them handled the topic given them to teach, very well in each session.

All PFN leaders invited from within and outside Ogun State, like: National Vice President (South West) Archbishop John  Osa-Oni, Bishop Reuben Olu Oke, the Chief of Staff to the PFN National President, Bishop Tunde Akin-Akinsanya, General Overseers and Senior Pastors of churches and top independent ministers of God attended as well.


When it was time to raise offerings for the Legacy Project, the Archbishop John Osa-Oni, who anchored it, mentioned the amount needed to be raised, and demanded that 100 people who could contribute fifty thousand naira each to meet the required funds, should kindly raise their hands up for recognition. And that they can either give them the money via cheque, E-money transfer, or make pledge. 

Instantly someone who didn't want his name mentioned, just told the state chairman that they shouldn't bother labouring to raise the funds because he would give them the whole money mentioned. And that they should just give him the account number, so he could transfer the money needed to them.

Immediately this was announced, a round of applause and shout of hallelujah rented the air. This brought a great relief to the state chairman and his executive council members who wanted to achieve complete success in the construction of the Legacy Secretariat. Even past leaders of the PFN in the state, who were present at the event were grateful that their past efforts and prayers for the PFN in the state have been yielding results in their lifetime.

It was a great a confirmation of God's of his dream that God really told him it would be successful.


Shortly before the fund raising, the Founder of Chapel of Victory, Pastor Lanre Adenekan, the initiator of Pastor Explain This(PET) program had answered series of questions from participants on different aspects of life.

The PFN State Vice Chairman (Operations), Apostle Daniel Olufemi who anchored the workshop session also quickly mentioned the various areas of specialisation which the facilitators would focus on, to teach participants; which cut across church leadership and administration, politics, business, finance, communication, children, among others. Apostle Dan then called out the resource persons, who quickly moved out to do their jobs. 

After the workshop, the state chairman, in his closing remarks, gave thanks to God for his involvement, which also manifested via the good weather of that day, contrary to the last two days preceding the event, in which there were heavy downpours each day.




He commended the organising committee under the leadership of his vice chairman, Dr Fatolu for a good job. He asked the founding state chairman of the PFN in the State, Pastor Abatan, to pray for them.

Apostle Otaru then expressed gratitude for the contributions of everyone who supported the organization of the conference in whatever way.

He gave God all the glory, and said, "Brethren, what's happening here is beyond Otaru. There was heavy rain yesterday and the day before yesterday. But today there was no rain at all. Left to me I would have cancelled the conference; but God said it would be held here. And because God said so, it came to pass". 

He then called all the elders in the PFN who were at the occasion, one after another, and asked the participants to celebrate them with him . From Pastor Abatan and his wife, to Apostle Ademuyiwa, Baba Rev. Ben Oludimu, Rev. A.A. Adegbesan, Apostle Obateye, among others.

He then extended the tenure of the organising committee, by asking them to remain for another term of one year so that they can organize the 2022 Leadership Capacity Building Conference.

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