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Sunday, May 17, 2020

COVID-19: Solving leadership crisis at various levels in tough times like this.

By Charles Segun Adegbite

How do you know a great leader? It is how he resolves crisis during a great crisis like this Corinavirus pandemic that's threatening not only the health of many people across the world, but global economy and individual's finance. 

Anybody can become a leader, but the strength of every leader will be tested and known when there is a great problem. 

It was what distinguished Winston Churchill of Great Britain from other leaders of the then embattled European countries when German leader Adolf Hitler was embarking on a great war to take over the whole Europe and threatening leader of each European nation to surrender or face the consequences. 

It was how US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded to global economic depression in the 1940s and turned America economy around to emerge as world leader that fetched him a third term election; thereby making him to be the only American President that ever spent a third term in office.

When there is a complex problem, how you resolves it as a political, business, religious, social or community leader matters a lot and will reveal your stamina and strength of character? 

Are you proactive or reactive? Are you analytical or narrow minded? Are you strategic or not? Are you dynamic? Are you courageous or easily give up? Are you persistent or inconsistent? Are you creative? Are you visionary or driven by mundane things? 

If there is anything this COVID-19 has come to do, it is to expose the strength and weakness of every leader at every stratum of every nation and organisation.

Some would come out stronger. Some would fall by the wayside and even give up. Some will struggle to remain the way they are and just maintain the status que.

Whichever way, it is time for leaders to reexamine themselves, do personal auditing and seek for how to improve, in the interest of the people they are leading, and in return for their own benefits.

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