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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

12 Reasons Successful People Take Risks Always

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12 Reasons Successful People Take Risks Always

By Charles Segun Adegbite 

 {First published on October 5, 2019, Successful People's World inside https://successfulpeoplemagazine.wordpress.com }

If Barack Obama had not taken the risk of contesting the 2008 US presidential elections would he have become the first African-American to occupy the White House as President? Success-driven people are fond of taking risks and these help them become successful. 

Listed below are some of the reasons they constantly take risks:

#1 Risk taking helps one to see new opportunities

Successful people are found of taking risks because by so doing they are able to go to new places, meet new people and thereby see a lot of opportunities. Chris Bradford points out in his book The Ring of Wind (Young Samurai) “He who is afraid to shake the dice will never throw a six” 

If you are afraid of taking risks your success will be limited.
Facebook Founder: Mark Zuckerberg

#2 Risk taking enables one to seize more opportunities.

By taking the risk of dropping out of Harvard University shortly after co-founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was able to devote all his time, energy and other resources into building the social networking project into a global business empire. 

 Today Beta (formerly Facebook Inc. has acquired 71 other companies; including WhatsApp , Instagram, ConnectU, e.t.c. Successful people know that success begets success. 

So, they constantly venture into all manners of business, political and other adventures that create more opportunities for them, which they always seize and thereby achieve more success.

#3 Risk taking enables one to overcome fear of failure.

Those who are afraid of taking risks are constantly held captive by all kinds of fears. The fear of failing, uncertainty, being mocked by people, what they’ve got, and losing their comfort . 

These make it difficult for them to go to new places, meet new people, venture into new business and have new experiences. Successful people on the other hand aren’t like that. They know that “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. 

So, they overcome every fear that may want to hinder them by setting high goals, seeing the risks involved as challenges that can be surmounted and pursuing the goals until the goals are achieved .

#4 Risk taking helps one get more experience

Successful people know that when they take risks they will be exposed to a lot of challenges they have never faced and in the process see and learn new things. These enable get more experience.

#5 Risk taking helps one to increase in wisdom

When successful people take risks by embarking on a very challenging adventure, in order not to fail or lose they will begin to brainstorm for solutions and use a lot of strategies. In the process of doing these they continue to apply a lot of knowledge and thereby grow more in wisdom.

#6 Risk taking enables one to know himself better

You can never know how fast you can run if you are walking slowly. You can never know how brilliant you are until you begin to pursue big goals and making all efforts to achieve them.. If there is a fire disaster and you have to jump out of a window of a skyscraper, from the 2nd Floor, it is then you will know how brave and courageous you could be.

#7 Risk taking create rooms for more achievements

When former president Obama first took the bold step of seeking election into the Illinois State Senate, in 1996, nobody could ever imagine that in 12 years from that time he would set a world record of becoming the first African to lead the most powerful nation in this planet. But success begets success. 

     success begets success. 

The moment he won the first election, he got more audacity to contest again until he left the Senate in 2004, only to come and contest the highest office in the country in 2008. Anyone who is afraid of fighting can never become a victor.

#8 Risk taking helps you become famous

Not many people knew the Russian pilot and cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin until he ventured into being the first man to journey into the outer space in 1961 with his Vostok spacecraft, and consequently made a world history. 

Men of history are risks takers.

Men of history are risks takers. And nobody has ever become great in life who was afraid of taking risks. Risk taking enables one to be singled out among the crowd and become famous easily.

#9 Success rarely smile at the timid people

Success does not smile at everybody, only those who are willing to pay the price. And one of the prices you pay to get success in anything is taking risks. 

The Holy Bible says, “He that observes the wind shall not sow; he that regards the clouds shall not reap”. Only those who are willing to take risks will go to greater heights and achieve great success in life.

#10 Risk taking makes one become stronger

Have you ever seen anyone who is fond of taking risks and is also very timid ? Timidity and risk taking don’t go together. The more you take risks the more courageous and stronger you become.And the less you take risks the more timid you become.

#11 Risk taking helps one become more skillful

The more you have the boldness to try a lot of new things in your business or profession the more skillful you will become. Having the courage to try this method and that method is what enables one to learn various ways things will work or won’t work.

#12 Risk taking helps you become creative

You rarely see any creative person who is not fond of trying new ways of doing things and taking risks. 
Those who hold on to the status quo are often run out of ideas, because they are afraid of trying new things partly because of fear of failure or the unknown.
By trying a new approach, thinking of new ideas, being exposed to new ways  of doing things, going to new places and meeting new people your creativity capacity will increase. And you will be able to do new things, make mistakes which will help you in garnering  experience and increase in wisdom and achieve more.


Don't take risks out of ignorance or foolishness. 
A lot of people have landed in prison for taking foolish decisions out of ignorance, many have died prematurely. Uncomfortable number of people have lost highly valuable properties, prescious relationships, great inheritance and so many other things and  couldn't recover from the loss for taking foolish and uncalculated risks.

So, take well calculated risks. Learn how to manage risks so that you don't end up regretting.

We have seen so many unsuccessful people and the never-do-well who rarely take risks. But there is no any successful person in this world who doesn't take risks.

So, do those good things you are afraid to do, and see yourself joining the club of great achievers.

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