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Monday, March 4, 2024

Habits And Their Rewards: What Makes Weak People Weak Or Strong People Strong.

 Habits And Their Rewards: What Makes Weak People Weak And Strong People Strong. 

By: Segun Akinbowale

 Anything you do repeatedly become a habit. Habits when fully formed, become a person's character and determine what a person becomes in life. 

 When people call you a particular name and it's generally accepted to be true, it is a proof of what they've seen you do repeatedly. Be it a weak or strong person, a successful person or failure, a bad or good person, a smart or sluggish person; any of these is a proof of what you have been doing repeatedly overtime.

Every habit has either instant or future rewards. Bad habit is easy to form. Such habits like: lying, laziness, abusing and cursing others, backbiting, disloyalty, dishonesty, raping, stealing, e.t.c. are all easy to indulge in.

It is convenient to do and brings instant gratification and self satisfaction. Because it is easy to do, the habit is easy to get addicted to. It's however difficult to break or stop when it's fully formed.

 While bad habits are enjoyed at the beginning by anyone who engages in them, you suffer a lot of burden or regret later because it's hard to live by.

Lying and deceiving people may at the beginning bring some instant gratification; making the person to look smarter and clever than others, but a time will come when he would be known to all as an incurable liar and deceptive person.

  Abraham Lincoln said: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".

The consequential effects of that habitual lying and deception won't be palatable because once the person is known by all for that, he or she loses credibility. And nobody would ever wants to have any serious dealings with him or entrust him with any worthy treasure or worthwhile position.

Good habits on the other hand requires self discipline. Such habits like honesty, diligence, loyalty, punctuality, consistency, humility, time consciousness, prudence, e.t.c, require complete self control. 

You may suffer pain, shame, instant condemnation or have to endure lack of instant benefits, or even lose some valuables at the beginning, but you will surely enjoy the reward later.

Being honest in the midst of liars and dishonest people may be very frustrating and infamous, however when they need someone they can entrust with their treasure or a position that requires someone who will not betray them, they will choose the person, especially if they know he has such other good habits like diligence, boldness, punctuality, e.t.c.

This is because people who are dishonest, hate being deceived by others. People who betray others hate being betrayed. 

Good habits are easy to live by, once it's formed. They have life long rewards and are of eternal values.

While bad habits make the people who have them become slaves to their bodies, good habits enable people who have them become the masters of their bodies.

People who have good habits are those who have total self control. So, they become masters of their bodies and can dictate to their bodies what the body must do for them instead of becoming slaves to their bodies.

Such people don't become talkative, rapists, drug addicts, sex addicts, gluttons, drunkards, lazy, rapists or any of such habits that are common with weak people. 

Whichever of these habits you choose to indulge in, be assured that you will reap the rewards in due season.

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