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Sunday, August 28, 2022

"The Collectives Club has rescued many people in Remo from untimely death", says Medical Expert, Dr Abdul.

 "The Collectives Club has rescued many people in Remo from untimely death", says Medical Expert, Dr Abdul.

...As  people with High Blood Pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer and eye diseases besieged the Club house to benefit from the free Annual Health Week program 

By Charles Segun Adegbite

A senior medical officer with Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital, OOUTH, Sagamu, Ogun State, Dr  Oluwaseun Abdul has commended members of The Collectives Club, for the free  healthcare program they organized this week, and disclosed that, through it, a lot of people in Remo have been rescued from untimely death.

Dr Abdul, who led a team of medical personnel, brought to the club house of The Collectives Club, in G.R.A, Sagamu, by the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the OOUTH, to carry out the 2022 Edition of The Collectives  Annual Health Week program, noted that quite a large number of people with silent killer terminal illnesses were discovered, after they carried out the free screening exercise that began on Tuesday and ended on Friday.

The Consultant Opthalmologist, Dr Gabriel Awodein, attending to patients during the Health Week

  "We discovered a lot of people have silent killer illnesses they were not even aware of, which can easily kill them if they had not come for the screening and treatments.

"For instance, people with High Blood Pressure, that's as high as 230 and 250. Blood sugar that is 600. Medically, those people, if we don't take good care of them, we might suddenly lose them in the community,"
he said.

 Speaking on the various health services they rendered during the Health Week program, he said:

  Pix: An opthalmologist attending to a patient at the event.

"We went as far as doing Prostate Surface Antigen (PSA) tests for our men, and we discovered people with high PSA, in which we referred them to specialists to manage for us."

 On his impression about people's attitude towards the program, Dr Abdul explained that it was impressive. 

'On Tuesday when we started, we attended to over 400 people. On Wednesday, we saw over 500. Today too (Thursday) people were just coming in en-mass, more than what we saw yesterday." 


He disclosed that high blood pressure and diabetes were the most common life threatening illnesses  that people were discovered to be silently suffering from, apart from malaria, which was said to be endemic in the society.

Pix: Some of the patients waiting for the free screening, treatments and obtainment of glasses, at the event.

The President of The Collectives Club, Engr.  Wole Ogunsanya, in an exclusive interview with Successful People Magazine, disclosed the mission of the club as an association of like-minded people, who came together for the purpose of giving back to the people of Remo in particular, and Nigeria at large. 

This obviously was the reason they have been organizing the free healthcare services annually.

He said: "We believe that security and health are very essential for everyone to be free and fit for any kind of job or business.

"Basically, healthwise, we are doing it 360° , by organizing a program we tagged, The Collectives Club Health Week. And, by the way, we have been doing it for the past 15years.

Some members of The Collectives and other officers/personnel who officiated at the event.

"...We started with the support of the Ogun State Government, through the Commissioner of Health, who was represented by the Special Adviser To The Governor on Health, Dr Lawal, on Tuesday, to declare it open.

 "We opened up the clinic through the intakes of people. We run them through the diagnostic center that was on ground. And all kinds of tests were performed. We had blood sugar test, blood pressure test, PSA tests for men, and all that." He said further.


According to him, based on the data made available from the general health services section and the eyes tests cum treatments section, there were about six hundred people in attendance, the first day (Tuesday) alone.

R-L: The Club's President, Engr. Ogunsanya and Barr. Ajetunmobi presenting Certificate of Recognition to medical personnel who participated in the Health Week.

He disclosed that the Chief Medical Director of Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) Sagamu, was on ground with his medical team, sent to support the club in carrying out the free health screening exercises and other healthcare services.

He explained further that the support from the government was not financial. It's just to follow protocols, by involving the State government for approval and to declare it open, while the OOUTH and the Opthalmologist from the FMC, were to provide the personnel and expertise needed to do the job.

Speaking on another common disease that large number of people came to the place with, for free treatment, a Consultant Opthalmologist and public health physician with Federal Medical Center (FMC) Abeokuta, Dr. Oladapo Gabriel Awodein, commended the club for giving back to the people out of what they have been able to get in life, instead of spending their money and time only on social frivolities, as many clubs do.

 The President of The Collectives Club, Engr. Wole Ogunsanya.

 Dr Awodein who is the Ogun State  Chairman of Opthalmologists Society of Nigeria(OSN) noted that while many social clubs were not impacting people's lives, 

"I give it to The Collectives Club, for partnering with us to alleviate the health sufferings of the people of Remo, through the provision of free eye tests, provision of free drugs and special eye glasses ."
, he said.

He disclosed that this was his third year of working with the club. And, "if many social clubs in Sagamu can emulate The Collectives Club in providing this type of services to our people, by supporting government, it will reduce drastically the number of people dying, or suffering in silence, in our society." He added.

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