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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How Pastor Adeboye, others celebrated their son, Akinde's 4th pastorate anniversary, dedicate RCCG Milk & Honey Area headquarters

How Pastor Adeboye, others celebrated their son, Akinde's 4th pastorate  anniversary, dedicate RCCG Milk & Honey Area headquarters

Pst. Abimbola & Wife with his spiritual son, Pst. Akinde & Wife

By Charles Segun Adegbite

Of all the categories of people in the world, history makers stand out. Irrespective of the society, religion, professional callings, ethnic groups  or race they belong to, the situation or circumstances they found themselves, they  do things that will single them out of the crowd or their contemporaries always.

Pastor Richard Adeboye

They are the movers and shakers of the society; who hold sway and shape opinions and the direction their organisation, communities or nations go. They break old records and set new ones. They are the pathfinders and pacesetters, inventors and innovators you see around. 


In this dispensation there are a lot of history makers, making impacts at different levels of the society across the world. Many of them have been or are being divinely planted in The Redeemed Christians Church of God, RCCG.

Among these history makers in the RCCG are the anointed men of God who have been doing exploits consistently for a couple of decades or more now, under the leadership of their general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, famously known as Daddy G.O. 

Recently some of these men of God assembled at an epoch making event to celebrate with their spiritual son, Pastor Enoch Adebayo Akinde, who have joined the league of history makers in the RCCG by building an ultramodern and multi-million Naira church edifice at the RCCG Milk & Money Area headquarters, Makun, Sagamu, Ogun State, within a short time.

Pst. Richard Adeboye

To perform the church dedication was the new Pastor in charge of RCCG Region 12, Ogun State, Pastor Richard Adeboye. And it was his first official assignment since he succeeded Pastor Julius Olalekan, from September 1, 2021.

On the red letter day, the state-of-the-art church had been occupied at 10am by some of the congregants,  church workers and ministers, parish, area and zonal pastors in Sagamu, who were there, both to support and celebrate with Pastor Akinde and to honour their new regional pastor.

Pst. Abimbola: Chief Host

The church altar was occupied by more superior pastors like the Chairman, RCCG National Elders Council, Pastor Abraham Elufowoju; the one reputed to have laid solid foundation for the establishment of The RCCG in Sagamu and Remoland in mid-1980s,, after the first parish planted by the previous pastor was slumbering and couldn't grow. 

One of the spiritual sons that Pastor Elufowoju groomed in those days, who is now the Pastor in charge of RCCG Lagos Province 56, Pastor Sesan Olayinka, was there. Of course, this man of valour, Olayinka, had planted and pastored many parishes of the RCCG in Sagamu, Remoland and Abeokuta at parish, areas, zonal and provincial levels before he was transferred to Lagos in September. And, he was the one who purchased and started the building of the megachurch which was later acquired as the RCCG  Region 12 headquarters, Ogun State, in Sagamu.

     Pst. Odekunle

Also at the historic event were: the Assistant Pastor in charge of Ogun Province 5, Pastor Oyedapo Oluwale, the Assistant National Secretary for RCCG Ogun Provinces 5 and 20, Pastor Michael Bankole, and the Wife of the Pastor in charge of Ogun Province 5, Pastor (Mrs) Loveth Abimbola.

As the time for commencement of the dedication drew closer, the celebrating pastor, Akinde and the protocol officials of the church stoodby at the church gate, waiting for the arrival of the Regional Pastor. The well dressed ushers were standingby, just as the chorister were already leading the church in melodious praise and worship songs.

     Pst. Olayinka

There was therefore a great jubilation when Adeboye arrived in his metallic grey SUV, in company of his chief host, Pastor Joseph Olusegun Abimbola and other members of his entourage. 

Those senior pastors who had come out of the church few minutes to his arrival, quickly welcomed him. And they all moved to the site of the dedication plaque near the main door of the church building.

   Pst. Adeboye: Unveiling the dedication plaque

Without wasting time he quickly expressed gratitude to God, offered prayers and performed the dedication, while photographers and cameramen were struggling to snap and record close shots of him as he was cutting the ribbon.

Little fireworks was carried out instantly, just to add flavour to the dedication process. Thereafter, he briskly moved into the church auditorium amidst cheers and extremely warm reception.

 Pst. Abimbola, his wife and Pst. Olayinka: The Ijesha connection.

The chief host, Pastor Abimbola was introduced and welcomed to the pulpit, to introduce the guests to the guests; which he quickly did. And while doing this, he jokingly welcomed his Ijesha brother, friend and colleague in ministry, Pastor Olayinka, with little amusement. 

When it was time to minister, Pastor Adeboye appreciated the presence of a revered pastor and camp manager of the Redemption Camp, Pastor Elufowoju, who he described as one of those they respected so much in those days(and still respect now) when the Redemption Camp was being built in the 1980s.  

    Pst. Akinde: The Host & Celebrant

He spoke briefly on how a lot of elderly  people and those he met in the gospel ministry have been holding him with high esteems he was posted to as Regional Pastor, saying he wasn't better than them, but only got the mercy of God.

With this introduction and his adoration of God via worship songs, he spoke on "The Power of Mercy", and the roles it could play in fulfilment of destiny. This is in line with the theme of the 4th Anniversary ceremony, "The Mercy of God"


          Inside the church auditorium

While preaching, he quoted Romans 9 verses 9-18 from the Holy Bible to explain the power and mystery of mercy.

"Mercy is one of the attributes of God... This church building we are dedicating today is a product of mercy. If you look around you, you will see so many abandoned projects. It's not the desire of the owners that such projects should be abandoned, but it is because they've not gotten the grace to finish them," Adeboye said.

According to this pastor, the most important thing everyone who wanted to be relevant and successful in life should be asking for in prayer was mercy of God.

He disclosed that a man can labour for years and end up as a failure, whereas through the mercy of God, another man can be connected to his helpers of destiny and achieve so many things within a year what he might not accomplish in decades.

He cited many examples from the Holy Bible; like the cases of Jacob who got the birthrights and blessings of his twin brother, Esau;  Joseph, the 11th son of his father, who was jailed, but came out to become the most influential man in the world, during his generatio

He consequently asked everyone to pray for God's mercy, even as he made an altar call. He then pronounced blessings on Pastor Abimbola, his wife and the Ogun Province 5 they are leading. He as well blessed Pastor Akinde, his wife, other pastors, ministers and workers in the church, and the whole congregation.

He thereafter announced a relatively huge sum of money which he said he was donating to the church for them to use in equipping the church more, which he said the cheque would be given soon.

Pst. Abimbola during Sagamu crusade

Pastor Abimbola thereafter spoke on the need for the church to pray for the Regional Pastor for God to refill him with fresh anointing, uphold him and his family and let him succeed in the new assignment of leading Region 12 Ogun State.

While testifying about the roles which Mercy of God has been playing in his life, and how it has helped him to build the multi-million Naira church edifice, in addition to enabling him to achieve so much within the period, Pastor Akinde disclosed how he relocated to Sagamu from Ilaro as an Okada rider fourteen years ago, with his wife and two children because of his inability to pay ten thousand naira monthly deposit for the motorcycle he bought on installment then.

Sagamu Street-wide Crusade

He noted that he relocated to Sagamu without having any money to his name, but entered into a covenant with God that if God could have mercy on him and bless him, he would use whatever he has to do the work of God. And that changed his story completely, according to him.

He testified further that within the period, he was able to land a job of Human Resources Manager with his National Diploma in Marketing, became a parish pastor, got a degree in Business Administration, became an area pastor. He is presently undergoing his Master of Business Administration(MBA) course.

RCCG Milk & Honey Area's workers and ministers

While explaining how the church was built, he disclosed that when he was transferred to the Milk & Honey Area headquarters, four years ago, he met only 12 members worshipping under a canopy in the church premises.

By God's grace he was able to raise funds from people he knew outside the church and consequently built the multi-million Naira edifice in the location where there were no elites in the vicinity.

Pst Rasaki, ministering.

The church, a storey building, which has galleries in its first floor, was completed with standard facilities, including 3HP Floor Standing airconditioners and other amenities good enough to invite the Regional Pastor and other senior pastors to come for its dedication.

Pastor Akinde commended his wife, Assistant Pastor Oluwakemi Akinde, for her submissiveness, cooperation and support; the attributes which he said contributed to his success.


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Mrs Akinde, while narrating her experience after the programme, urged Pastors' wives to be humble and submissive to their husbands, saying that was the secret to success for any couple in God's ministry.

According to her, when they resumed at the Milk & Honey Area headquarters four years ago, she was the one who led the choristers in praise and worship because there were no enough workers at the area headquarters. 


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She narrated how she humbled herself to mobilise the women for them to be committed and united for the tasks ahead, as they were starting as if the church was just planted.

Of course, the dedication was just part of the programmes organized in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the pastorate of Akinde, as the pastor in charge of the RCCG Milk & Honey Area, during which he built the headquarters church.


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This a-week-long anniversary celebrations began on Monday with Pastor Olayinka preaching on the Power of Mercy from a different dimension; with reference to the blind Bartimaeus. 

After finishing his sermon he prayed for Pastor Akinde and the church, even as he urged the congregation to learn from Akinde's humility and commitment to the works of God. He crowned the ministration with anointing service, which he conducted to empower the congregants.



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The historic event continued on Tuesday with the Assistant Pastor-in-Charge of the RCCG Region 12, Pastor Williams Akinbamijo, who embarked on deliverance service.

On Wednesday, the maiden edition of Sagamu Street-Wide Crusade conceived by Pastor Akinde was also organised for commercial motorcyclists, commonly known as Okada riders and commercial tricycle (Marwa) operators.

The crusade held at Mobil Filling station, beside Awolowo Market, Makun, Sagamu, started at 3pm with 300 Okada riders, during which Pastor Abimbola ministered and prayed for them.

Not fewer than 187 of the Okada riders and tricycle taxi operators were given two liters of petroleum each as community social responsibility (CSR) largesse.

The memorable events continued on Friday  with prayers vigil, themed "Night of Mercy", during which the Youth Regional Evangelist for RCCG REGION 1 and 20, Lagos, Pastor Emmanuel Seun Odekunle ministered powerfully.

The anniversary ended with thanksgiving on Sunday amidst praise and worship, jubilation and testimonies of God's faithfulness, which brought to the fore the common saying that all is well that ends well.

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