Thursday, August 12, 2021

FG to lift ban on Twitter in Nigeria in days, says Lai Mohammed

By Sesan Akinbowale

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has disclosed that the Federal Government (FG) will soon lift its suspension order on Twitter's operation in Nigeria.

Speaking after the weekly meeting of the Federal Executive Council on Wednesday, the minister said the FG was only trying to reach necessary agreement with the Twitter management before lifting the suspension order, which had been on since June.

"I must say that it is a matter of days, rather than weeks, hopefully. In few days time we should be able to reach an agreement with Twitter. There are three areas where we have disagreement..."

He however pointed out that  those areas, were not really disagreement, but when they will do it.

According to him, the FG wants the micro blogging firm to have a physical address in Nigeria, by having an operational office that can serve as a Liason Office in the country.

He disclosed that the Twitter management has agreed to open such an office which hopefully may be ready by 2022.

Mohammed pointed out that those were the grey areas they were working on with the Twitter.

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