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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Day Evang Segun-Okeowo was sent out of his father's house for praying against territorial demons

By Charles Segun Adegbite

He obviously didn't know what he was venturing into that night when he began to worship God and pray with his wife, inside his room, in a sleepy town called Agbayun.
He has gone there from Lagos, to pay a visit to his parents, the monarch and queen of the town.
It was the night the Oluawo (chief priest), the priests and relevant community chiefs were to finalise the rituals process for the year's Ofefe Mosala festival.
As a vibrant Christian, Aremo Olabo'po(Kolade Segun Okeowo) knows that, it would be foolhardy for him to sleep all night without holding a vigil in a community he knew to be accustomed to idols worshipping from his childhood days till he left the sleepy town to study and seek greener pastures in Lagos and later abroad.
As he began to call Jesus Christ that night, praying in other tongues and worshipping God with his wife(Dedunke or Mummy Debare), the supremacy battle between the Almighty God and the demons controlling the land of his theatrical father(Evangelist Mike Bamiloye) who is the king, began.
The territorial demons soon retreated when they couldn't withstand the warfare he declared through his prayers. 
Consequently, the demons fled the shrine, the sacrifice were rejected and the ritual process could not be completed. Every effort to urge the demons to listen to them for the ritual to be completed, proofed abortive. 
  As the Oluawo, the priests and the relevant chiefs began to carry out spiritual intelligent gathering, they soon discovered that it was Aremo Olabo'po's prayers and worshipping of Jesus that brought the hindrance to their ritual process.
  It's been an abomination for over a century for anyone to bring or practice any religion outside the traditional religion of idols worshipping in that Agbayun town.
  The consequences had always been killing and sacrificing to idols any person(s) who brought such foreign religion, because one of their ancient  Kings, Oba Rinadegbo had entered into a generational covenant with the territorial demons in charge of Agbayun.
That implies that Aremo Olabo'po(KSO) must be sacrificed to the idols as an atonement to appease the demons for bringing his foreign religion into the palace.
Being a prince who has travelled overseas and just returned his father didn't want to lose him. 
He therefore asked him to quickly pack his loads inside his car and get out of the town, with his wife and children, before the dawn fades out.
What happened to the Aremo(Kolade Segun Okeowo), was he sacrificed to the idols? What happened to his wife and children? Were they able to escape? And what did his father who is the ruler of Ilu Agbayun, do to ensure normalcy returned to the community? Find out in the movie, Esin Ajoji( Strange Religion). It is very interesting, thought provoking and highly inspiring. 

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