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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

10 Habits of Failures Which You Must Jettison To Succeed

By Charles Segun Adegbite

As we are gradaually getting out of the lockdown which Corona virus pandemic plunged the whole world into, let us look at some of the habits of the failures which we need to get rid off in order for us to get better in the post COVID-19 Era and be able to achieve more in life.

1) PURSUING GOALS WITHOUT PLANNING: The failures have goals and aspiration but don’t plan well constantly on how to achieve such goals. They think that by just having goals and working hard to achieve them the expected success will come. But he who fails to plan has already planned to fail by that singular act of failing to plan.
One needs to plan well on how each of one’s goals will be accomplished and strategise well on how to achieved them..
2) NOT PROACTIVE, ALWAYS REACTIVE Instead of being proactive always, the failures are reactive. They leave things to chance, and work with wishful thinking. They wait for things to happen before struggling to correct or manage them, instead of planning ahead to prevent bad occurrence from happening. They respond to all feelings like: eating, drink, sex and talk. They will blame others for their failure and won’t accept responsibility.

3) BEGINNING WITH NO END IN VIEW: Losers don’t think of tomorrow, instead live for the moment. They have no vision of where they are going. And when they do, they don’t have sense of direction. That lack of end in view makes them live in a circle and get entangled in one sport for long without making progress.
You must have a vision of where you are going and make plans on how to get there. And in the case of any crisis, storm or serious challenges, don’t allow the present situation to let you loose sense of direction.
4)  PUT FIRST THING LAST:  They don’t priortise, if at all they have a plan of how their goals will be achieved. They leave undone what should be done first. And begin to pursue it when it is too late. They do the minor and easiest things first.
Have a comprehensive plans on how to achieve your goals. And don’t do the second thing until you have finished doing the first. Always adopt the Pareto principle.
5) THINK WIN-LOSE AND NOT WIN-WIN: The failures only think about themselves and care not about others.  They feel so concerned about themselves that they are not ready to help others. And when they need help they will not get it.
Think of Win-Win henceforth. Don’t be selfish. Be ready to help others achieve their goals and they will help you realise yours when you need them.
 6)  FAIL TO LISTEN BUT SEEK TO DOMINATE ARGUMENT: The failure always seek to speak first and dominate argument and then pretend to be listening, but won’t listen to others. They behave as if they know all and won’t be willing to learn from others.
Move with portable ignorance; with intention to learn and listen to others to be able to learn more from others.
7) THEY ARE NOT TIME CONSCIOUS :The Never-Do-Well have little or no regard for time. They waste time every minute and have no understanding of the nature and value of time. They do things at ease and work at their own pace.
In this period of global economic crisis, you won’t do that if you must achieve great success.
8) THEY REFUSE TO IMPROVE : Rather than improving themselves on daily basis they get too busy and have no time to read and retrain themselves. They think that activities are equal to accomplishments, but they are not. Busyness is not business.
In this Age of Information and Communication Technology, training and retraining is the key to making progress.
You will need to keep improving yourself in order to grow and get better daily.
9) THEY LACK FOCUS. One major characteristic of the never-do-well  is that they get eaaily distracted and are not focused. Their ability to concentrate single-mindedly on a task is very low. As a result, they do this a little and do that a little and find it difficult to accomplish a task or succeed in one thing.
 You will need to focus on where you are going and what you want to accomplish.
You pursue your goals vigorously and make sure you accomplish every task before going for another.

10) THEY LACK COURAGE, EASILY GIVE UP: The failures lacks the courage to try new things and take bold steps. They lack the courage to take risks. And they easily give up when they meet serious obstacles. They quit when the battles get tough. But winners are courageous people. When the going gets tough, the winners get going. No matter how many times they failed, they summoned courage to keep trying and forging ahead. To them, there is no retreat, no surrender, until their mission is accomplished.

These should be the habits you should either develop (if you lacked any of these) or improve on if you already have them.

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